Thursday, May 27, 2010

Make new friends, but keep the old

Heather and I became friends in Kindergarten and today we got to get together again! We haven't seen each other for years, but talking today felt like it had been no time at all. When we were little I wanted to marry Heather, that's how close we were! I didn't understand that it doesn't work that way...I even wrote her name on the wall. It's funny how kids think, all I knew is that she was such a good friend and I wanted it to stay that way forever. I'm happy that we are still friends after these years!!


I've been doing some walking since I got home, rain and all, and enjoying every minute of it. Oregon is beautiful, especially right now with the Spring flowers after all the rain. This morning I went for a walk and was overwhelmed as I looked around and prayed and thought through all the amazing things in my life. Blessings surround. I've got this little baby growing in my belly, an amazing husband who supports me to no end, a family who understands me, and friends that are eternal. I am so thankful for where I am in life, for all that I have around me.

The Bellers

Layne and Caitlin were missionaries in the DR for 2 years and left just last summer. They spent a year at the Caraballo site where I'm at and we learned a lot and grew together...they are special friends. They went home last summer for the birth of their beautiful little Lucy Layne and I got to meet her for the first time. They are now living in Seattle, but we met up somewhere along the I-5 in the middle. We ended up having a 3 hour lunch and an amazing time to catch up, hear about each other's lives and plans, and enjoy Mexican food!!!


This has been the trip of lunches. I have had lunch out almost everyday with a different family member or friend. It has been fantastic!! This visit home is similar to when I was in university and had to make a list of each day what I was going to do. I have literally done that again...everyday has a visit with someone new. It has been awesome for seeing people and catching up with family and friends!

Julie visits

My dearest and bestest friend, Julie, came to visit for the weekend and it was such a great time. She brought her 3 month old little man, Drew with her, and I was so happy to get to meet him. We kind of love Twilight (I know, we're 30, but whatever). As lots of the movie was filmed here in Oregon, we went around (with my mom, who was equally as excited) to all the sights where the movie was filmed. Our first stop was the Carver Cafe where Bella and her dad ate all the time, then to the rocks where Edward sparkled and tried to scare Bella because he was so strong.

Next we headed over to where the Prom was filmed. Drew was a trooper and happily waited in the car while we snapped our pictures and looked around.
Our last stop was Multomah Falls which served as a background in the it's just beautiful.
Drew finally gave up by the end, and this was one of the few times we saw him crying. He is such a good baby, so cuddly...I hope I get one like this! Thanks Julie for making the trip, you're the best!


It is so great to be in Oregon! I have been eating constantly and enjoying the rain, family, and friends since I got in. I went to the midwife for a check-up and got a massive bag of baby goodies which was fun! The baby sounded great with it's heart thumping away. I go for a routine ultrasound next week to check the baby all out and I'm looking forward to that. As the belly grows (due to baby and Oregon eating), I have been blessed by maternity clothes my friend Katrina sent me as well as some shopping that I've been able to do with my mom and Julie! It's fun being pregnant with everyone here!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby photo

15 weeks and going strong!!

Bethany visits

I was so excited to get to spend the afternoon with Bethany yesterday. Bethany and I went to high school together and spent lots of time bonding through dance team all 4 years. She came to the island for just 5 days, but I was thankful we got to meet "in the middle" in Jarabcoa yesterday. She's staying with family in Santo Domingo, the other side of the island, which proved to be a bit hard to meet up as the north where I live is about 4 hours away. We met at the best restaurant on the mountain in Jarabacoa and chatted the afternoon away. She came with her little man, Quinn, and her mom, uncle and cousin. It was most exciting to have Bethany and Ariel meet, the first of my Oregon friends to meet him! Even though we'll see each other in the next few weeks as I'm headed to Oregon tomorrow, it was fantastic to meet up here!

Mother's Day party, last day too.

On Thursday we celebrated Mother's Day and the last day of school at the Care Center. It was a fun day to be together and watch the kids at their finest...they LOVE these days! They started, as usual, with a special lunch at noon. We've started giving them their lunch in a take-away box because they always take a little home for their families, which I think is so special.

At 2:00, the kids came back dressed in their best dresses and shirts for the start of the Mother's Day program. Each child is allowed to invite someone, hopefully their mom, so they can share the day with them. There are songs and skits and plays, a few poems and acrostics, and the kids go crazy for it. There were probably 50 kids that received special prizes this year for perfect attendence, best in the classroom, kitchen helpers, etc. It was nice to recognize them in front of the school and the families for their extra work, good attendance, and great behavior.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

One of THOSE pregnant ladies

I always thought I wouldn't be one of those moms that puts every ultrasound photo, etc. on the internet. Well, I'd just like to say I was is the ultrasound from yesterday. It's amazing how much this baby moves and, well, it's all just amazing. It's just that I've already watched it a million times and this little baby is MY baby and I am still in shock and awe and love.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bouncing baby

Just got back from our appt. with the doctor and the baby is doing really well. They typically do ultrasounds at each appointment, so we got to see the little one jumping and kicking and moving like crazy. It is so reassuring to see that little heart beating away. I've started to feel little flutters of the baby off and on which is even more exciting. Every step makes it more real, like Ariel said the other day, "You're really pregnant!". It sets in slowly for both of us, as we begin to comprehend that it's a BABY!!! I go between elation and being terrified, both of which I think are good really, as we talk about this little one coming into the world. I have dreamed and prayed for this day and am so thankful that this is what we get to share together. It has been a special time, and continues to be, as we watch this bebe-cito grow!