Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sleep training

Second kids are a funny thing.  I mean, the first kid kinda becomes a trial/error project and the second kid kinda just fits into what the first kid is already doing.  Case in point:  pediatrician said it's time to start putting Arianna to bed on her own...putting her down when she is drowsy and letting her fall asleep on her own.  The idea being that she learns to put herself back to sleep unassisted in the middle of the night.  Now, this was traumatizing with Josiah.  Truly heartbreaking and well, let's be honest, I cried everytime I tried.  In the end we rocked, cuddled, breastfed, and stayed by his side until he was asleep (and well, still do!)  With Arianna, she's been doing this from the start.  Not that I don't want to hold her until she falls asleep...I wish I could!!  It's just that our routine doesn't allow for that, I don't have enough hands (although most days I wish I was an octopus!).

Our nightime routine is bath, jammies, fruit/veg pack, songs.  I sing songs to the kiddos and Josiah generally falls asleep during that time, so I've started putting Ari in the bouncy chair next to us cause I'm sort of stuck when they both fall asleep on me.  So by the time songs are done, Josiah is asleep, and I come back for her after laying Josiah down..she's asleep!  Sometimes she wakes up in the transfer from bouncy chair to our room (she sleeps in a co-sleeper in the bed w/us for now), but then I'll lay her down and she does it again.  No trauma to momma.  No tears.  Just simple kisses and she's asleep.  Incredible.  Why did it have to be so stressful the first time around?  I tried so hard to "do it right" and in the end felt like a failure!  Live and learn, that's what it's all about I think. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Bathtime help

After a great dinner from my mom, Arianna had her first real home bath.  Josiah was a willing and excited helper.  He especially liked soaping her up!  She'll hate me for letting him do this someday (and photographing it!) but he was so proud to be a part of it!  I quickly saw that life had changed, the whole routine of things, the center of attention, the amount of hands I was going to need...but I knew we'd learn along the way.  How awesome it was to tuck into our own bed knowing we had such an adventure ahead of us!

Headed home

The moment finally came when we got to load up and drive home with two little ones!  It was surreal, yet felt so natural all at the same time.  Ariel has never driven so carefully in his life.  We were so thankful to be together and start to figure out what the new normal looked like!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Arianna's 2nd Day

Day 2 brought more joy as we settled into the reality that this  perfect baby girl was really ours!  We had a quiet morning of cuddling and nursing and cuddling some more.
We then moved rooms to the new hospital because of the construction changes that were happening in postpartum.  It was on the 7th floor and we had the corner "suite" thanks to help of some friends that made it all happen!  Josiah especially loved his great view of the Lifeflight helicoptors coming and going. 
We loved our new room and welcomed more visitors throughout the day, excited to meet Arianna.  Ariel was on the phone to family and friends in the Dominican Republic bragging about his beautiful daughter!
The best view in our new room was at night overlooking Portland.  If only it were under different circumstances, we would have loved to stay even longer!  We couldn't wait to get back to our home the next day though and begin life together as a family of four.

Finishing out her happy birth day

I continued recovery in labor and delivery while Arianna nursed like a champion and we all got to have a cuddle.  I was thankful to be feeling so well and thanks to a great team, no pain at all!
We then moved to our postpartum room which was fully decorated by the awesome labor and delivery girls.  They all took such good care of me.  Arianna got her first bath (which she didn't love) and we got to start dressing up or real life baby doll!
Lots of visitors came to meet and love on the new little girl.  Josiah was proud to show off and have some more entertainment!
Ariel and I finished the day with a slow but steady walk with our new baby girl.  What an amazing day!

Big Brother

I was so concerned with how Josiah would receive Arianna and what his reaction would be.  As always happens, he far exceeded my hopes and expectations for what that meeting would be like.  He jumped right into bed with me during recovery and immediately got a good look at her.  From then on, he wanted to hug and kiss and hold her.  My heart felt peace and warmth and full.  Ahh.  Two amazing babies in my arms.  

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Baby Day, Part 2

There is nothing, no nothing, like hearing your little baby cry for the first time!  Oh, what a relief to see her tiny body and know she was so amazing.  9 months of prayers over this little one and finally getting to meet her!

We got to cuddle and kiss on her as they finished up on me.  She was a good cry-er from the start and had no problem clearing out her lungs!

Arianna then headed over to the warmer to get measured and weighed and all her name bands on.  She weighed 7 lbs 9 oz and measured 20 inches long.  We watched from the O.R. table as she got all set up and ready to be cuddled up again.
And then we were done.  Just like that!  It was so amazingly simple from my side of things.  We got to head out to introduce the rest of the family, especially Josiah, to baby Arianna Sofia!

Baby Day, Part 1

Ariel and I got up about 4 a.m. so we could check in at the hospital by 6.  My parents came over to stay with Josiah and get him up a bit later to meet us at the hospital before the surgery.  Yes, our bag is gigantic because it has both of our things for the hospital stay, Josiah and Ariannas gifts to each other, the diaper bag, and who knows what else!
It was surreal delivering my baby with everyone I knew.  I have to say it was the best hand-picked group ever! Everyone that was there is so special and it was so relaxing and encouraging heading into a c/section surrounded by people I normally work alongside.  I trusted everyone so deeply and we all got to know each other a lot closer that day!
Heading into the operating room was so different this time, as it is where I normally head in with other women!  With Josiah, I was exhausted from the night before being awake, so it was a fully different feeling with Arianna.  I got the spinal anesthesia and everyone worked quickly to get me ready and meet the baby girl finally!
I can't say enough what an experience it was to have Ariel with me this time.  Because of visa complications, he wasn't with me when Josiah was born, so this was all new territory in the operating room!  It was so nice to have him by my side the whole time and to share these moments together.  My mom was with us as well and got to take all the first pictures and get a first look at the little one. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Final Cuddles

So many thoughts and feelings of all that is ahead while waiting for the baby girl. For now though, we cuddle.

A boy

This little boy is growing so quickly.   Still fills every piece of my heart!