Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bouncing baby

Just got back from our appt. with the doctor and the baby is doing really well. They typically do ultrasounds at each appointment, so we got to see the little one jumping and kicking and moving like crazy. It is so reassuring to see that little heart beating away. I've started to feel little flutters of the baby off and on which is even more exciting. Every step makes it more real, like Ariel said the other day, "You're really pregnant!". It sets in slowly for both of us, as we begin to comprehend that it's a BABY!!! I go between elation and being terrified, both of which I think are good really, as we talk about this little one coming into the world. I have dreamed and prayed for this day and am so thankful that this is what we get to share together. It has been a special time, and continues to be, as we watch this bebe-cito grow!

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