Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I'm nearly at 35 weeks now (8 months) and all is going so smoothly. I feel great, especially being away from heat and humidity (I didn't realize what a change that would be!). Since getting back I've had 2 doctor appointments, some blood draws, glucose tests, an ultrasound...getting all caught up. The best news is that we have a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy. Our baby is active most of the time which I love, I can't believe there's just one more month left. Even with all the ups and downs of pregnancy, I have enjoyed so much this time as he grows (and me too). We are really looking forward to meeting him and I can't wait to see his little face and cuddle him.

Baby's room

So with the room all gutted out, it was full speed ahead to get it ready for our little man. My mom painted the whole room and then added stripes to the top, along with all the baby's furniture and lots of clothing and other baby accessories that our friends have blessed us with! It is so exciting to see it all in place, although it seems to still be changing daily as we add things to the walls and continue to decorate. It's going to be so great to make this room complete with a little baby boy!


There has been no lack of projects since getting back to Oregon...or I guess I've created a few! We had to take everything out of the "guest room" which is now the baby's room. There were also a lot of things that my parents have been saving for Ariel and me that just weren't fitting anymore in their organized house. So they rented a storage unit for awhile to get things orderly again and for a place for all that we pulled out of the baby's room. It now looks awesome and we definitly have our own living space downstairs now!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Preparing for baby

Since getting in on Friday, it has been nonstop movement and preparation. In just a few short days we have gotten the paint for the baby's room, ordered his crib, registered, and gotten lots of things in order! It was hard to prepare from another country, so most everything we put off until I was able to be in Oregon again. It's been so fun though doing all these things and, as if the belly wasn't enough for me, it makes it feel more real that this little man is coming.
My body is doing well after being sick a week ago...I feel like it never even happened. I was back at the doctor's office yesterday and having more blood tests and other checks to make sure all is in order. They felt like everything looked good and so I was on my way. I have the "real" appointment next Monday with the sonogram and full doctor check-up, etc. We heard his heart thumping away and I always love that sound. This baby is active, to say the least, and moves around constantly. I love it. I cherish it. I enjoy all of it (minus foot in ribs).
Continue to pray for the weeks that remain, that his development will continue well, that Ariel's visa is approved in time for the delivery, and well...for the labor and delivery, and that becoming-parents thing!


The day finally came for me to return to Oregon. After being sick and everyone worrying, it was so easy to leave the DR that day. Everyone just wanted me out of the country and safe in my parent's house near my doctors and hospital. So I made the 14 hour journey across the country to finally arrive to my smiling parents on Friday night. The weather has been fantastic, a welcomed change from the heat and humidity! My feet and hands are almost fully returned to their non-swollen state which was worth the trip in itself!! The lack of cars and outside noise, along with cool nights means I'm sleeing better than I have in months. Those are all good things as I prepare for this little baby to be born...gotta stock up on the sleep while I can!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A little delay

No, I didn't get any good pictures, so you get a diagram. On Monday, I got a case of the diarrheas, which I figured was probably just due to nerves and anxiety and all things related to leaving the DR. By nighttime, it was getting worse, but I just held on, drinking lots and doing my best. We went to bed around 11, but I never got to sleep. I got up around midnight with a fever and started feeling what I thought might be mild contractions. I drank about 3 liters of water (being the good little nurse I am) and waited for things to improve. By 3 am, my temp was 101 and the contractions, though super mild, were about every 15 mins. So Ariel and I headed to the hospital.
I got evaluted all over and was eventually admitted with dehydration related to amoebas/diarrhea. I got started on (safe) treatment for the little critters, lots of IV fluids, and other meds. I got 3 shots in the bum, 2 IVs, 3 blood draws, but in the end, am doing just fine. The contractions stopped after getting well hydrated again and the baby has been doing great. We saw him on the ultrasound and he is growing leaps and bounds.
So I'm back in my apartment for today and then heading straight to Oregon tomorrow (Friday). I was sad to cancel my trip to Los Angeles to see my brother and sister-in-law who I haven't seen in 2.5 years, but we just have to trust it is all for the best. I know nothing is out of God's hands and that for whatever reason I don't get to understand, this was the route I needed to take. So keep that 14 hour travel day in your prayers for this pregnant lady and the little one and safe arrivals and outcomes for all!

Family good byes

Sunday proved to be another going away get-together at Ariel's grandma's house. His mom made all my favorite foods (white rice with guandules guisadas, beef, chicken, avocado...fantastic). All the aunts and uncles and cousins came over and it was an awesome time to just be with everyone. This family has been so great at taking in this "gringa" with all their love and affection. They have been supportive of Ariel and me in all of our decisions and are equally excited to meet this growing baby!

So many "lasts"

Well we have been taking full advantage of spending these last days doing great things. It has been some different activity almost every night. I'm trying to soak up time with friends, Ariel, seeing things, and just being here still. We've had great dinners out together, then took a trip with Francis and Milka to Santiago to see a movie and go to the stores. It has been a fantastic way to spend personal time with others that is so special. The relationships that we have here are so dear and it's hard to move onto the next step of "uncertainties", but I am enjoying every minute of my time with friends and family before leaving.

Surprise going away party

Alberto and lots of others collaborated together to throw such a great surprise going away party for me. I really wasn't expecting it at all as we had a going away activity at the school the day before. So Ariel took me over to our team house to get some things we had left there and instead of walking into an empty house, it was PACKED full and beautifully decorated! They prepared a great program with lots of food and cake and nice, lovely things to say. It was so special to have them do this, fully unexpected, and a great way to spend time with everyone again!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Last day at school

I was sort of dreading last day at school. It's just that I'm not good at the whole good-bye thing. But I went ahead as planned, knowing that I had to do it for myself and it was a healthy step to leaving. It turned out to be so special and fun! Zeneida made me a special lunch of all my favorite things (salami rice, avocado, fried yuca-arepita de yuca) which was a great way to start! Then after lunch, the kids had a presentation from each classroom. Some were acrostics with the name "JESSI", others were little poems or dramas. Lots of kids wrote me little notes about how I'm their best friend and one girl told me I'm like her mom. Special, special kids. Zeneida got up to sing a little song but didn't make it through it all. They had a plaque for me with a great engraving about my work with Kids Alive. Pulling away from the school for the last time was surreal, like none of this is really happening. Even though it's hard, it's also encouraging because I know for sure I will be back and see them all again...after all, we have all of Ariel's family here! So it turned out to be a great day...this last day of school.

Starting the "lasts"

Well it has come time to start the list of "lasts" that I wanted to do before heading back to the States. This past weekend Ariel and I got to get away for one last mini-vacation together and to enjoy the beach. We had an amazing dinner right over the cliffs of the ocean that was beautiful...some "lasts" are hard to let go of!!