Thursday, May 27, 2010

Julie visits

My dearest and bestest friend, Julie, came to visit for the weekend and it was such a great time. She brought her 3 month old little man, Drew with her, and I was so happy to get to meet him. We kind of love Twilight (I know, we're 30, but whatever). As lots of the movie was filmed here in Oregon, we went around (with my mom, who was equally as excited) to all the sights where the movie was filmed. Our first stop was the Carver Cafe where Bella and her dad ate all the time, then to the rocks where Edward sparkled and tried to scare Bella because he was so strong.

Next we headed over to where the Prom was filmed. Drew was a trooper and happily waited in the car while we snapped our pictures and looked around.
Our last stop was Multomah Falls which served as a background in the it's just beautiful.
Drew finally gave up by the end, and this was one of the few times we saw him crying. He is such a good baby, so cuddly...I hope I get one like this! Thanks Julie for making the trip, you're the best!

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