Friday, April 27, 2012


As I sit here drinking my tea while Josiah sleeps and this baby girl kicks in my belly, I realize that this is what contentment must feel like.  Sometimes I am overwhelmed with this feeling I can't quite even describe.  It's some great mix of  joy and peace and excitement and love and happiness.  Sometimes when I pray I just have to remain quiet because I know God knows exactly what this feeling is. 

No, life isn't perfect by any means, there are still a lot of things that need to come together after moving to the USofA, but slowly things fall into plac and I trust that the last pieces of the puzzle will all fit together soon too.  We have faced challenges and obstacles and overcome so many things already, I know that whatever comes our way we can work our way through it as well.

We have been blessed beyond counting and there are so many things ahead of us that it's hard to imagine that it will actually be better than it is right now!

To the river

We had some extra time the other day and as it was beautiful and sunny, we headed to the river.  Josiah showed once again, what a big kid he's becoming by getting down to play in the sand and water. Although he didn't like the sand stuck to his hands (he's a very clean boy!) he did love walking the trails and throwing sticks.  It was such a nice time with the 3 of us to be outside and enjoy the sunny Spring days we are getting!

Gymnast superstar, kind of

Josiah tried his hand at gymnastics for a month and, well, we're just going to wait a bit longer until we try again.  He did really well for about 1/4 of the class but otherwise wanted to run and jump and play on everything that the class wasn't supposed to.  I mean really, he's 17 months, we weren't expecting him to be doing backflips and a floor routine!  I am proud (as is he) of his somersaults!  I'll find him waiting with his head on the floor for me to flip him over, that's how much he loves them!

Baby time

It's old news by now, but we are officially announcing our pregancy!  We waited until 20 weeks this time because, well, we don't really have a good reason why!  Anyhow, she is perfect as can be and yes, she is a she...we are having a girl!  Josiah hears about his little sister, but has no idea what is coming his way!  It's exciting knowing that it's a girl, but boy are we in trouble when it comes to shopping!  I'm trying to wait until it gets a bit closer, but I might have already started buying her a few things!  We are so excited about all that is ahead as we become a family of 4! 

Easter Day

Easter Day we started out by opening Josiah's Easter basket.  He thought that was a such a good idea, he put things back in to be able to pull it out again.  We then went to church and celebrated the real reason for Easter amongst our church family.

In the afternoon we headed over to my grandparents house where we had another photo session, lots of food, and and Easter egg hunt.  My grandma fills the eggs with money, so Josiah liked shaking each egg when he found it.  He got a little sad when he shook one that had cash and it didn't rattle, but he'll figure that joy out eventually!


There are a lot of things to love about being in our own house, but one of the best is being able to work outside.  We just got our very first lawnmower and it's surprisingly fun to be out in the yard mowing and weeding and dreaming about all the great things we're going to do and plant. Josiah helps us a lot by playing in his sandbox the whole time...a job he also loves!

Little hoopster

Josiah is obsessed with basketball.  He will wake up from a nap saying "ba-ball" without even fully opening his eyes yet.  Ariel takes him out and they dribble and dunk and jump and play all afternoon and Josiah still gets sad when it's time to come in.  When we're on a walk, he'll shout "ba ball" and I have to look for awhile to actually see he's spotted a basketball hoop.  He certainly has an eye for it! He loves basketball inside as well, anything that involves bouncing the ball while running around with him!  He is so much fun, I just can't say it enough!

Snow days

March weather was so crazy.  One day beautiful and sunny, the next cold and snowy.  Josiah loved being outside, whatever the weather!  He learned how to master snow walking and when we were done with playing in the snow, we gave him a snowball to play with inside!

Coffee time

My mom makes coffee every morning and Josiah LOVES to watch the machine, especially the milk frothing part.  So now the spoiled boy thinks he needs his "coffee" everytime we're there and mom is making it.  Really it's just a cup of foam, but he'd love it if we threw in some coffee too!

Big kid

No more baby swing for this guy!  He's gotten so very big, no more of his baby days for us!