Thursday, May 29, 2008


That's right! Direct from Russia, the Moscow Circus made an appearance right here in Puerto Plata! We got to see a giraffe, a bear, and tigers, along with acrobats, motorcyclists in a big circle cage...and Russian mullets! It was an amazing night and I officially LOVE the circus. We didn't even know it was the final night, but the next day they were all packed up and gone. So, so happy to have been a part of the Moscow circus!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Our babies

It's been awhile since we've had a baby update! All our little ones are doing amazingly well. Princesa turned one in February and is talking and walking and has one massive personality. Suzana, whose mother died of AIDS the day after her birth, is thriving and growing so much. She is now seemingly normal size and weight for her age and has a caregiver who loves her so much, along with her 4 siblings. Jessica, who I didn't get a photo of, is also doing well. She has bigger cheeks every day and loves everyone. I can't wait to see each of these girls in school with us someday, with their little uniforms and'll be great!

Mother's Day

Yesterday was a special (and crazy busy!) day at the Park Care Center. The kids all came in for their last day and to share a day with their mother's for Mother's Day. They came in at noon and had a special lunch and received gift bags of clothes and candy then went home to get their moms. The entire group watched the kids perform dramas and skits and songs they have worked so hard on for weeks. Then the moms got a special snack and were accompanied home by their children who also had a special gift for them...a craft they had made in the previous weeks. It was also a testament of how much we are growing, as kids literally poured out of our cafeteria and had to set up more tables outside! All good problems to have though, we are so thankful to see each one of these guys there!

Mother's Day

Mother's Day singing by the kids...doesn't get much better than this!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

And I'm back...

It is so nice to be back. Despite today being the hottest day in a long time, it's great to be here again. I'm definitely looking forward to getting back to school on Monday after I had a little taste of seeing the kids again with a quick trip to the village on Friday. We've had a fun few days here, playing at the beach at night and then went to Seahorse Ranch today for lunch and a "Glamour Shots" time! Our first summer team has just arrived which means more construction and changes are ahead for the school!

It's hot

"Feels like" temperature for today, with humidity and all is 113. What will August be like??!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


I had the chance to spend 2 nights with my college roommate in Phoenix on my way back to the DR. It was such an amazing time after not seeing each other for 1.5 years. We went to the best Mexican food ever, Ajo Al's with her mom and sister-in-law, we went shopping and did more eating out...but mostly we just talked (and talked and talked). It was a special time to see her and I'm thankful I got to be there!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Got to have dinner with my girlfriends from high school tonight, Jen, Jenny, and Bethany. It's incredible that after 10 years we can still be in touch and get together like the good old days. Even with all the changes, it's nice to have someone that knows you from such a long time ago.


We went to Salem today to watch Emily play in her soccer game. It was COLD but really fun to see her in action. It's still hard to believe that somewhere along the way she became a girl, a young lady even. We followed the game with pizza and donuts, which made braving the cold worth it!

More Oregon

Family and Spring flowers...does it get better than that?? (oh yah, and I got short hair again!)

Thursday, May 08, 2008


The other best part of being home? My cat!

The family

The best part of being home? My family!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Family time

I'm safe and sound in Oregon. It's so nice to be here and to enjoy springtime and all the flowers and blossoms that I haven't seen in years...but mostly just to be with my family. I had to show them how rice was really made last night (with a plastic bag, that is). John and Rachel and the kids came up to stay the night which is always fun. Time always seems to go by so quickly though, it's already been 2 days! So many things to do still, like eating and shopping, got to take advantage of all the States has to offer!