Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New Job Description

So I didn't know I was going to double as a vet while here too, but I'm open to whatever role comes my way. This week it was injecting our 80 hens with Penicillin as they were sick. They needed 3 days of it and I got to give 2 because I went to Jarabacoa on day 3. Oh the lessons I learn!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


So this was yesterday...a very long day! Lots of water, smelly septic water, but at least it's over. Alberto and I mopped and swept out water for awhile until some friends came over to help which I was so grateful for. They finished off the house and left it smelling Mistolin-clean. I did about 4 loads of towel and throw-rug wash and am happy we have 7 bunks in one room as they serve as great drying racks (it's still raining outside). What a great group of people I have around me, even when things are smelly and rough, they stuck around and made it all better. I think we've resolved the issue of water entering the house...or will have by the end of the day anyways. I'm happy to never do that again.

House update

I've been meaning to put on some photos of the almost-ready-for-teams updates to the house. The kitchen got a pantry closet, my bedroom got a closet...and 10 bunkbeds arrived. We can hold up to 20 people now, plus one extra in my bed if we really need to!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Bedtime yet?

This was my day:

Injected 80 hens with penicillin because they are ill
Mopped, swept, mopped, bucketed, mopped, and mopped the flooded house.
Filled in holes in bathroom where water came in from

The rain continues, the water continues, the street is a river.

"Is this what they did when the flood started?", I wondered at times today. Then I remembered the rainbow and that He won't do that again...but it's getting close, it feels like.

Off to bed finally as I don't know what tomorrow will hold, I'll post more if I can!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Thursday, May 24, 2007

One more song, all for you Candace!

More songtime, mainly for Candace's heart

Mother's Day and Last day of School

Today was a very special day at the care center. It was the last day of school and also a celebration for Mother's Day, which is this weekend in the D.R. The kids had a special lunch with Coke at noon, went home and changed and got their moms, then all came back at 3:00. The kids had poem presentations, lots of singing and clapping, more food, and each kid was given a bag of clothes to take home. I am so blessed to be a part of this. Sometimes I just sit in my favorite window seat in the cafeteria trying to take it all in, how each one of these kids has touched my heart so dearly. Whether it's little Wilson's hugs, Princesa's smile, mischevious Vladimir, naughty Jesny, or Ramoncito blowing kisses, each and every one of these little guys is so dear to me. I feel like I was given 150 kids by coming here and now feel so protective of them, I just want to take care of them and to show them how loved and special they are.

Singing at the school, my favorite time of the day

Sunday, May 20, 2007

More firsts for Princesa

Little Princesa got to go hiking yesterday! We hiked up the Puerto Plata mountain yesterday and she did it with us. Okay, so the photo makes it look like I carried her all the way, but we actually traded her off! It was a hot day, especially wearing a blanket! On the way back down we swam in the river and waterfalls which made the whole sweaty adventure worth it!
We're into our last week of school this week before a few weeks break and summer program starts. I can't believe we're already into summer. Our summer teams start in two weeks which will be fun and challenging to have them in the house and excellent to have them in the school and village. I can't wait to see all that happens this summer.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Warming up

The high for today is 91

It feels like it too!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Back to school

All continues well at the school, I got to go for just a bit today as there is lots of work still going on at the house to be there for. I wish I could fully describe how dear these kids are, what they mean to me, how grateful I am to spend my days with them. I'm also grateful to cuddle on little Princesa all day...I can't wait for the weekend to watch her again!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Picture update

Just a few pictures from the Kids Alive retreat a few weekends back...these are the Kids Alive-ers that are living all over the island. We got to all get together and catch up and talk and it was a nice time to see everyone again.

Monday, May 14, 2007

What's for dinner?

Oh that's right, chicken. I want the feet this time though.
(don't forget you can click on the photo for a better look, it's worth it!)


We had a fun few days with our baby, she's getting cuter by the day! When I was in Guatemala I bought one of those shoulder sacks for carrying babies in...and got to try it out this weekend with little Princesa. She LOVED it! She was crying for her sack, or so we translated it as such. She's happiest when she's sleeping in her sack and that's the way we like her!
Candace left today for Canada until (hopefully) the end of August. The house is already sad and empty without her, but I trust that good things are going to happen this summer and this is the way it is all supposed to be! Doesn't mean I have to like it though, right?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Baby weekend

We get to have the baby again for the weekend and it's so fun. She's really happy right now and I love her smiles. What fun it is to be a weekend mom!


Just wanted to show you the mammal-sized cockroaches! Notice the actual splattering of guts, that's how liquidy they are!


The following was written by Naomi Gillette, who was here in March with Mercy Ships. This so perfectly sums up many aspects of daily life here, the things that take place, the heart that this has given me...

I went to the Dominican Republic and:

Sometime I felt rich,
but mostly I felt poor, as I saw the true riches of the poor.

Sometimes I felt capable of giving,
but mostly I received.

Sometimes I had words,
but mostly the touches, the smiles, the outstretched welcoming hands said more than a thousand words.

Sometimes I felt loving and capable of giving love,
but more overwhelmingly I felt loved, accepted and even desired.

Sometimes I longed to see the big picture,
but mostly God showed me that it’s the orphan and widow, one person at a time, that He’s concerned for, this is the big picture!

Sometimes I wanted to feel spiritual,
but mostly God taught me that his love is best communicated in less-than-spiritual things.

Sometimes I expected to see a spirit of hopelessness and despair,
but mostly I saw supernatural joy.

Sometimes I felt wise,
but mostly I felt humbled by the people’s resilience to adversity, their generosity, and their love for, and trust in Jesus.

Sometimes I felt big,
but mostly I felt small and realised that small is big in that mysterious, beautiful, paradoxical kingdom that Christ gave us a glimpse of.

May His kingdom come and His will be done in the Dominican Republic.

A people filled with joy that taught me so much!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hen house complete!

The much anticipated day finally arrived! Today we got 80 hens delivered and it was so much fun. We had some of the older kids help us get the inside of the henhouse ready and then set the hens free in their new home. It's going to be so great having them, using the eggs to supplement meals at the school. It was the idea of Mercy Ships, who started in in March, but because of rain, etc., it's taken this long to get everything together and ready. Nonetheless, we have lovely hens and had a fun afternoon with them, making sure everything was in place and set-up.

A bit of home

Last weekend we went to a Kids Alive retreat in Constanza...the mountains. It was a nice time to see others from around the island that I don't get to see or spend that much time with. To get there, we had to go through one of the main cities, Santiago, and it just so happens they have Taco Bell...and it was amazing! So amazing in fact, that on our way back, we stopped again and brought home burritos. It felt very American to sit on my couch eating Taco Bell take-out!

Thursday, May 03, 2007


So one of the things that didn't make it in my big move was my nursing drug guide reference. It was one of the things I was really excited about getting here, but have been unable to find it...not really sure where it went. Anyhow, for all my little nurses out there, if any of you have an old one that you don't need and would be willing to send it on, let me know. All the medicines we use are donated from people in the States, many times they are new or unfamiliar meds that I haven't had much practice with, hence the need for the nursing reference. It's possible to look them up online to get more info, but not when I'm in the village and needing a med. Anyhow, let me know if there are any old nursing drug guides around, thanks!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Weekend with the baby

We got to have baby Princesa stay with us this weekend which was so fun. It's the first of many weekends that we get to be mommies to her and it was fantastic. Lots of bottles and diapers and tears, but also lots of laughs and smiles and cuddling. She is so fantastic in the morning, really happy and smiley and so sweet...makes up for her mid-afternoon meltdowns! I can't wait for our next weekend with her.

Cofresi Beach

Monday was a national holiday so I got to spend the afternoon at the beach. We walked along the shoreline where all the rocks are, through caves and tunnels, it was brilliant! So much fun, although it did actually make my feet bleed because some of the rocks were so sharp. Really nice day off...any day at the beach is nice though.

House Dedication

We had a house dedication on Saturday which went really well. There were 40-ish people that came to help bless and dedicate the house. It was a good time to share the vision for what is ahead for the teams that will share in the house as well as for the school. We sang, prayed, had a small talk, ate lots and drank fantastic juice. It was a great way to start into the house, really putting into action what we hope the house can be.