Monday, March 22, 2010

Double wedding

On Saturday, two of our teachers got married in a double ceremony. Chichi and Dudu are sisters and decided that they couldn't leave the other first, so got married at the same time, pastored by their father, in the church in Villa Asencion. The reception was at the school, and the cafeteria was converted into a beautiful hall.

Most of the teachers from school were bridesmaids or groomsmen, all dressed up and looking so different than the everday uniforms
Rachel is one of Dudu's best friends, and got to be the madrina for the wedding, which meant she had a big role in preparing and being by Dudu's side, as well as walking in with the groom. She did a very good job and smiled the whole time!The wedding lasted almost three hours, with endless songs and preaching, but in the end, the couples were happily married amongst tons of cheers and support. They then all headed to the school for the party and dinner.

It was a fun day, albeit long! We didn't leave the village until almost 10:00, the lastest I have ever left the village before! Both couples are now living in Montellano and we are excited to have been able to celebrate with them and be with them on this important day!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Welcome to the world, Frayme

Francis and Milka became proud parents to little Frayme on Friday the 12th. She was born by c/s safe and sound and is pretty much amazing. It has been so fun cuddling her and helping Milka, I love it so much. They are such happy and glowing parents, it's been neat watching them in these days.