Saturday, September 29, 2007


So unfortunately, the ugliest dog on the island, perhaps the world, has found its way to my garage. He is disgusting. He is skinny, losing hair all over, gross, and the worst part is that he won't leave. Anytime I go near he growls so it's quite hard to kick him out. Even harder is keeping him out because he's scrawny enough to fit through the bars on the gate. I hope he doesn't die in my garage...

Monday, September 24, 2007


What an incredible weekend! I went on my first Dominican church retreat! It was so fun. I was a little nervous as I don't know people that well in the church yet, but that was one of my main reasons in going. Anyhow, it was so much better than I expected (it always goes that way) and I made lots of new friends and got to know many more people. We slept little and played a lot but it was well worth it!
As I shared a cabin with Dominican women, I also learned a few things...mostly about hair! I stepped out of the shower and as I was walking to my bunk I heard one lady say in shock "she got her hair wet!" You see, Dominican women wash their hair about once a week and otherwise keep it dry so that it doesn't get all kinky. Anyhow, they were also amazed that I don't have to dry my hair and keep it in rollers to straighten it, and that I can even go to bed without doing anything...they wrap their hair around their heads every night to keep it straight! Oh, the things that I'm learning! What a fun weekend!

Bye bye Etheridges

As quickly as they've come...they had to leave. Today we spent the afternoon in Playa Dorada which was so beautiful. It was amazing to have them here, it meant more than they will ever know! It's been so long since seeing them and hopefully won't be that long until the next visit!

Thursday, September 20, 2007


So I thought I better put some more update photos on. The top two are baby Jessica who's already a month old. She's chubby and happy and doing really well. It's fun seeing how quickly she has changed and watching her grow! The bottom is of Princesa and her older brother, Julio, who loves her and kisses on her everday at school. It must be so confusing why his little sister is raised by someone else, but at least he knows her and loves her a lot. And of course, a photo of the amazing sunsets here... one of the great things about living in the D.R.!

Visit to the village

I got to take Dan and Sarah to show-and-tell at school yesterday and loved it! We walked around the school and to Caraballo and through the village. They played with kids and we had lunch with all of them and it's so fun to see them loving on the kids I get to love on everyday!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Etheridge time

It's been so fun having Dan and Sarah here...we've gotten to play a lot and just chat. We've been to beaches and waterfalls and the mountains and it's great! Really special to have them here with me. We're going to the village tomorrow which is always the best part of having anyone here!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Yup, THIS is what makes me happiest each day.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Etheridge visit

The Etheridges have landed! Dan and Sarah flew in from England last night and will be here for 2 weeks. It is amazing to have them here, it's been a very long time since last seeing them. We've already had a bit of time to play in Sosua and catch up...but I'm excited that we still have 2 more weeks ahead. Dan managed to get himself a nice sunburn in the first 24 hours of being here, but hopefully that'll be brown soon. Looking forward to all that is ahead.

Monday, September 10, 2007


I LOVE this kid! The good news is that she's back onto loving me...for awhile there she only loved Zeneida-mom. We had fun at school today and got to play and cuddle. It's so great being back in school!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Can you hear me now?

So I was just talking to my mom about cell phones and it made me think...LOTS of people have old cell phones. Do you know we need cell phones?? Okay, so if anyone has a phone they're not using, SEND IT! It doesn't matter what brand it is, as long as it isn't ancient. We just take it to the phone store and they do some magic and it's ready. Chargers would also be great to come with the phone...otherwise it isn't that useful after a few hours. So let me know after you dig them out of the closet (you're not ever going to use it anyways!) and I'll tell you where to send it to. We'll use them at the school for keeping in touch with various people there (kitchen staff, construction staff, professors, etc.). Don't think everyone else will just do it, YOU do it! Thanks, from all of us that are hoping to talk soon. :)


Yesterday was Uniform Day where all the kids got to come in and receive a big bag of goodies to get them ready for school. The biggest thing they received, thanks to lots of fundraising of those involved, was the uniform! Each and every kid walked away with a new shirt, new pants, and a pair of sturdy shoes. It's exciting to be able to do that and give the kids something that truly helps them get to school. It was also exciting because, well, I got to see my kids and...I missed them. School starts at the care center on Monday and I'm looking forward to it!


Look how amazing our gazebo is! it's coming along so well and I can't wait to be in it! The work is so hard though, these guys sit on top all day nailing the thatch to the boards. It's the first actual place the kids have to go when the sun is beating it always does. And for the off-chance that there's rain, the kiddies will stay dry. The classrooms/bathrooms are also coming along well. Can't wait to have more kids be able to come to school.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Baptism day

Today little baby Jessica got baptized and it was special to get to be a part of that. Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky, or is blessed the better word, to get to be here. To be welcomed so openly into their family, to come alongside's not actually easy to describe.
It was interesting to see how it's done here (or at least in the village), with a little branch dipped in saltwater while the pastors says prayers over the baby whilst wiping the wet branch around her head, mouth, I said, interesting.
I can't wait until she's old enough for sleepovers and to learn English. I've got a lot of plans for this kid!