Friday, November 26, 2010

My mom

So of all the moms in the world, I got the best! It has been so fantastic to be staying with my parents in this time. They have spoiled me and supported me and loved me through it all. My mom stayed awake with me in the hospital through every contraction, and didn't leave my side for the c-section (except to take some photos of the new one!). She makes sure I'm getting my naps and brings me snacks while I breastfeed.

I love breastfeeding, don't get me wrong, but when the kid is eating every 2-3 hours for 30-40 minutes each time, that it a lot of sitting time. It's good because it forces me to slow down and I get to sit there and stare at him and pray over him and think through a lot of things. But it can also get boring sometimes and my mom is great at sitting and talking with me and waiting for him to get done! It's also amazing to have extra hands and great advice. About 1,000 times a day I'm asking if this or that is normal and how to do something. She could be making it up for all I know, but it is also so nice to have answers! So in the list of things I'm thankful mom is way up there!

Going to see Papi!

We are going to be heading to the DR again in a few short (please, be short!!) weeks. On December 27th, we'll head back for the first trip for Josiah and the first time for he and his daddy to cuddle and love on each other. I wait and pray for that day with so much anticipation and excitement. I get watery eyes and cry (okay, a little postpartum hormones going on here!) just thinking about how sweet and special those first moments and days will be.
We have been making the most of these days apart by sending photos and videos like crazy. Ariel has always been the most positive and uplifting person that ever existed, so he constantly reminds me this is best for Josiah and we have made the right decisions. Although the time has been long, we are thankful it has been filled with lots of blessings and great days. We will cherish even more deeply now the time we are together and know how special it is.
We decided to wait until after Josiah completed his 6th week of life and we can get him his first round of vaccines and he has a little more time drinking ultra-defense building breastmilk! We will, of course, take all the extra precautions with him, but the main sources of illness (food/water) won't be an issue for Josiah as he is on a strict mama milk diet! We also just have to let go of our fears of illness and trust that God has done great things in Josiah's life and will always care for him just the same. We can't live in fear of the little things when the great big things have already been taken care of.

Photo shoot

We had multiple photo shoots of Mr. Josiah and it's so fun to have the photos. Who knew how much work it is to photograph a newborn! They have to be sound asleep so you can move them and position them. But that means eating before photos and then getting rocked's a time-consuming process.

We also had a LOT of space heaters, plus the house heater going for his little naked shots. There was no way he would have slept so well without it!


The love is stronger each and every day (is that possible??!!) for little Josiah. He has started smiling in his sleep with is awesome...but means I often just sit and watch him sleep when I ought to be doing something else (sleeping?). Visitors continue to meet Josiah and it is great to see everyone love on him.

Josiah also got his first snow! Don't worry, he was outside for probably a whole minute to take this picture, and actually was happy about it. He was so bundled up...he's wrapped in a blanket beneath that snow suit! He's taken a loving to his bouncy chair and loves to sit in that and stare at us!

Week 1

Josiah had a great first week. Loads of friends and family came to visit and meet Josiah for the first time. He continues to do well at eating and sleeping and filling diapers! He went to the pediatrician for the first time and gained 4 ounces from his hospital discharge weight, so we were happy about that (minimum was 2 ounces).

I still believe that God has given us the most perfect baby. I never knew I could love SO much, it's incredible. I can stare at this little man the whole day long. My heart aches when I think of just how special he is. What a blessing it is to have a baby!

Monday, November 22, 2010

First days

He did so well in the hospital, his exams were all fantastic and by Sunday, we were ready to go home. I was waiting for the "how to raise this new baby you've been given" manual, but they seem to have sent me home without one. Thankfully I've got my mom nearby and extra help is always near.


He had lots of hospital vistors to welcome him, including great grandpa and grandma McCool, Uncle Dan and Cyndi, Uncle John and Rachel, Cousins Emily and Josh. And his grandma and grandpa Dixon almost never left his side.


That first day was filled with lots of firsts for the both of us. First kisses, first holds, first cuddles, first was a good day. He took to breastfeeding like a champ and was a great cuddler from the start.

Labor and Delivery

So I went on Thursday to the regular doctor appointment and they did a few extra tests since I was past my due date. When they did the ultrasound, they found the baby had very little amniotic fluid around him and sent me to Labor and Delivery to start the baby-having process. I was so excited to really be going, although apprehensive about all that was ahead of me!

When I was put on the monitor, they found I was already contracting quite a bit. They decided to do an non-medicine induction, but will spare the details for now. Within a few minutes of the induction, I was feeling "good" contractions. They were strong and every few minutes, and some of them doubling and tripling up to make for 6-7 minute contractions. We went through the night that way...walking, rocking chair, jacuzzi. My water broke around 4 am and then they took out the induction-starter around 6. Within and hour, our little man decided the contractions weren't for him and had a drop in his heart rate. He recovered, but his mama hardly did! He did it again a few hours later and the doctors came in to talk about our plan of action. They offered to start pitocin or other induction methods as the baby had recovered from his heart rate drops. They also suggested a c-section as an option. As I was only 1 cm dilated and the baby still high, I opted for the c-section. I knew at that point my baby was safe and well and although he had recovered twice from the heart rate drops, I didn't want to wait for a third...especially being so far from delivery. So we decided to go forward with a c-section delivery when we could do it calmly and I could be awake, rather than an emergency one when I may have to be put to sleep and miss it.

The c-section was fast and smooth. Within minutes I got my first glance at little Josiah. When they pulled him out we found that he had meconium fluid, so at some point he had been a little stressed inside. I was so relieved to see him, to hear him, to touch him. My fears melted away as I knew my little boy was fine, and finally here! He was born at 11:22 a.m. on Friday, November 12th.

He weighed 8 lbs and 5 ounces and measured in at 19 inches of perfection. He was alert beyond belief and wanted to be looking around at everything. He got to stay with me the whole time which I loved, no heading off to the nursery for his checks or anything. I watched him as I recovered and got feeling back in my body and waited for the shakes to pass. How great, how very great it was to hold him, to know he was well and safe and with me.

Thursday, November 04, 2010


We are more and more ready to meet this little man everyday! I honestly didn't think that I would make it this far and still be pregnant (I'll be 40 weeks on Saturday), but babies come when they are ready and so we wait. The hospital bags are beginning to collect dust, but soon enough we'll be shaking them off for throwing into the car!

Family time

We continue to pass the days keeping busy as we wait for the arrival of little Mr Veras. I got to see my neice Emily run in her last cross country race of the season, which was fun to be a part of. It's so nice to be around for the "little" events. It's expected to be homesick on Christmas and Thanksgiving, but I almost always got more homesick on the small things. Hearing that the family was getting together for small gatherings was harder to be away from than the big things...I was prepared for the big ones! So it's nice to be near enough to be a part of my neice and nephew's lives. They are so special to me and it's always so fun to be with them.
We also had a lunch with both of my grandparents (Dixons and McCools). I honestly can't remember a time when we did this and it was nice to see us together. Not many get to have both sets of granparents around the table with them, so I'm grateful we were able to do that little lunch!