Saturday, July 26, 2008

Summer program

We've just finished our summer program on Wednesday. The kids came in for a special presentation, lunch, and awards. They learned about Fruits of the Spirit and can sing all sorts of songs about them now. It was a fast summer program and hard to believe we've already finished it!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

La rana

So last night it was a frog. He saved his life though only by keeping himself on the outside of the mosquito net...but was still hanging in front on my face through it. Close call for him.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

La cucaracha

I once said the worst thing was having a mosquito trapped inside the mosquito net. I would like to officially retract that comment. The worst thing is having a cockroach trapped inside the net. There were no lights when I went to bed last night but I crawled in as normal and closed my mosquito netting. Happily asleep at 1:03 am I felt something crawling across me. Yes, it was him. Him and his big body with wings and hairy legs and antennaes. I killed him. That is, after I scramled out of my net, found a shoe, flung him off the net, and trapped him. What a night.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday

Perla is officially 18 now! We celebrated with pizza on the beach and then went later on and had cake with everyone after VBS at church. I attempted to make a cake that looked like a lake with frogs on lily pads, but was reminded of the temperature in this country as I watched the icing melt right down and off the cake! Oh well, at least it looked more life-like with the puddles! Happy Happy Birthday, Perla!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

4th of July

Our 4th of July celebrations consisted of a trip to Cabarete. The cover band for U2 apparently dresses like them and sings all their songs...I don't know, it's what they say. Anyhow, it was fun to sit on the beach and spend time with friends and listen to what mostly sounded and looked like U2. There were even some fireworks, but no smoking tanks or growing caterpillars or spinning flowers.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Photo update

Since it's been awhile since posting, thought I'd update with some photos. The above is a day-outing to Seahorse Ranch where we got to play in the pools and relax for the day. Also, a beautiful Sosua sunset.

A church trip to take part in their week-long was directed towards youth and the theme was "Dating". It's been interesing learning about Dominican dating!!

And of course, Princesa!!! She is so great and has such personality. She parrots back everything her mom says to her and has learned to do all sorts of things. One of our teacher aids, Nati, is heading to Santo Domingo to study and this was her last day at school before heading off to the big city!

It's a miracle

I've been on my computer since the wee hours of the morning. It's actually a miracle. I think I've gotten rid of the virus, and somehow been able to find all the files. Yes, this is to include all of my music and photos!!! I've had to reinstall all of the programs to manage them, but I'm still beside myself that they were somewhere hidden on my computer. I'm back to blogging folks.


I've found it. It's name is about.brontok and it's the virus that has made my computer unhappy...and me. I'm using something to remove it now so hopefully we'll be back in business soon. Why have anit-virus software if it doesn't stop the viruses???

Things are not well on the computer front...I'm still having problems and will post again someday, I promise!