Wednesday, December 15, 2010


We made a trip to Seattle this week to get Josiah's first passport! With the new rules, they require both parents to be present or a signed form if they can't. So after mailing things back and forth to Ariel (via friends that are there) we were ready. We went first into Portland to get a copy of his birth certificate, then to get the cutest passport photos EVER! We had an appt for Tuesday at 10 am, so my dad suggested we just head up Monday night and be there so that we didn't have to drive so early on Tuesday morning. It was perfect! We didn't get into the hotel until around midnight, and after feeding and showering, got to sleep around 1:30 a.m., but it was so nice not to have to drive early morning!

We dropped off the passport papers then had to wait about 4 hours, so my mom and I walked around the mall and parts of Seattle. I had a fantastic mix of sore throat, cough, laryngitis, and pink eye, so I was a good travel companion! We made it through the day though and walked around nice and bundled up.

It was a cold and super windy day in Seattle, so we wore coats and hats and gloves. Josiah traveled in style in the Moby and under blankets. When the wind did creep in, he started squirming around!
So we are officially ready for travel to the Dominican Republic!! It is the cutest little passport and we are so thankful to have it and be one step closer to being together again with Ariel!!

Another photo?

So I'm giving Josiah the "least photographed baby" award. It's just that he's pretty stinking cute and I'm constantly wanting to photograph it and send them all to Ariel to see! I send pictures daily so he gets to see his little man. It is going to be the most joyful day when we walk off that airplane into Ariel's arms. This has been such a challenge to be so far apart, but again, we trust that this was the best plan all along, that God has chosen this for us, and try to do our best with pictures and videos. But believe me, we are desperately looking forward to the 28th of December when we will finally be the parents that we dreamed of being together!


Josiah made his first trip to sit on Santa's lap while Julie was here. He got all dressed up for the event and after waiting in line asleep, sat so well on Santa's lap. I know he's my kid, but it's pretty much the cutest Santa pictures I've seen!

Julie visits!

My best friend Julie and her little man Drew came to visit from Arizona last weekend. It was so special to see her again, even though we did so little! I'm still working on getting my sleep adjusted and need naps almost as much as Josiah, but we had a good time together anyhow. We were sent out of the house by my parents, ordered to leave the babies, and got pedicures. The next day the babies got to go with us to the mall and walk around. It was such a nice time to see her for a few days and catch up and we're hoping that next time, maybe it'll be Ariel and I visiting her in Arizona!!


On Thanksgiving we visited both sets of grandparents (or greats for Josiah). We went to visit the Dixons first and then in the afternoon to the McCools. Josiah liked being packed around in the Moby and snuggled up and slept. It is still fantastic and fun to be in hasn't quite worn off yet. Having Thanksgiving in the DR with all the Americans was fun, but just is never the same as being with family!


This little baby keeps us smiling! He loves to hold his head up and does so surprisingly well. He also loves watching the Christmas tree with its lights and colors, although I'm sure it looks pretty similar to the bottom right picture to him!


Mr. J is ready for Christmas...

O Christmas tree

We got the Christmas tree awhile back and Josiah had fun picking it out. Acutally, he slept the whole time, but he likes sleeping so that was fun for him. It has been YEARS since I got to pick out a Christmas tree, so it was nice to get to go along and find one!


Mr. Josiah is so alert and attentive! When he is awake, he watches so closely and takes everything in. He looks so intently it seems he is going to say something the next minute! He is starting to have little smiles when he's awake which is super sweet. My favorite smiles are still right after he's done breastfeeding when he's in what I like to call his "milk coma", fully passed out, and he has big gummy smiles. Especially at 3 a.m., those are the best!