Sunday, August 12, 2012


I tried getting Josiah into swim lessons but they were already full, so I started looking around at other pools and found a toddler swim time at another pool.  Josiah was a little hesitant at first, but warmed up so quickly to the water!  We've been a few more times now and have to bribe him to get out of the pool.  It's amazing to see how quickly little ones develop at this age, how quickly they change and grow, and to be a part of it all!

Bear cuddles

I could stare at this sleeping face forever, especially when he is so sweet cuddling his little bear. Love.

Little helper

Just spending an afternoon at Granpa and Grandma's mowing the yard, that's all.


I knew having a child would be rewarding and exciting, but I didn't know just how much I would be able to love and care about a little one.  My heart is truly overwhelmed sometimes when I watch him doing something or when we get to cuddle.  As we prepare for #2 sometimes I wonder if I have the capicity to make room in my heart for another, but I have been assured that the heart just I've seen it do with Josiah.  I've learned a whole new amazing level of love that I could have never experience without having kids and look forward to the adventures ahead as a family of 4.

Favorite things

Josiah LOVES the summer outdoors and all that he is able to do...these are just a few of his favorites!