Monday, October 29, 2007


So it's been raining. A lot. The other night the thunder was intense, I have never heard thunder like that before. It probably lasted for over 30 minutes and it shook the windows and the house the whole time. Candace came up to sleep with me...that's how intense it was!

The rain is a mixed blessing. Being from Oregon, I LOVE the rain. I like grabbing a blanket and sitting on the couch and watching it. I like hearing it on the tin roof. I like even getting wet when I go out sometimes. But rain also means flooding. Flooding of houses that were rough to start with. Leaking tin roofs that were already weak fall in, families get wet, dirt floors turn to mud. Rivers rise and it means no school...we can't get into the village if the river is too high; we can't expect the kids from the other side of the river to cross, it's too dangerous.

So today Candace and I sit on the couch, napping, drinking coffee, talking, reading. It's been raining for quite a few days now. I miss my kids at school. I hope they are dry, I hope they get to sit on the couch and drink hot chocolate while their mom reads them stories. And then I am reminded of the hard realities. I hope the rain stops.

Beach day

To celebrate the graduation, we went to the beach for the afternoon on Sunday. It was cloudy and a bit damp, but still great to go out and talk and play...some were even brave enough to get in the water. We went to a new-to-me beach called Cangrejo which we were able to walk to from the 40 miles away (or so it seemed!)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Moving forward

We have the Mercy Ships team here for 3 weeks and construction is flying forward! The septic, which was dug by hand, is almost completely finished which is that much closer to having the new bathrooms ready. The sidwalk around the gazebo is finished. The classrooms are nearly's great! We (and by we I me they) actually just started digging the footings for 2 more classrooms which, to be honest, is overwhelming to think of! To have that many kids in the school will be amazing. I love watching the changes and being involved in something so great.

Adonai Graduation

It's the time of year for graduations! I went last night to the first one which was quite fun. They started out at the park and walked to the church where a million people packed in (it was HOT). After we went and had spaghetti with the graduates and chatted. Why do I get to be a part of these things? How did I get so blessed to live this life? I love it!

In preparation

Dear family

In preparation for being in Oregon for Christmas (Dec 19th-Jan 4th) I'll need a few things to make the transition easier:

-Please place a bin always next to the toilet...that's where the t.p. goes, right?
-Turn off all lights nightly at 5pm and on again about 9pm. Feel free to change the schedule without telling and turn lights off and on at will.
-I will need a constant heater near me to maintain 80 degrees
-Please find all sweaters, long underwear and anything warm
-I will need to be awoken each morning by roosters and motorcycles
-Remove all seatbelts from the car
-Replace all carpet with tile
-Instead of an umbrella, I'll just be needing a showercap
-All coffee will need to come in a plastic cup. Oh yah, I drink coffe now.

Thanks for getting things ready. See you at Christmas!

Jes :)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Yubi's 25!!

We went to Yubi's birthday party last night which was fun, as usual. Yubi is one of the teachers at school and also goes to church with us. We had a group of gringos which was always entertaining and even had to perform at birthday song for her.

Women's Retreat

I got to go to an amazing women's retreat this weekend. It was so great and I was surrounded by incredible Dominican women and learned so much. We talked and talked and talked some more. They're still amazed that I can wash my hair daily and I don't have to wrap it around my head at night...and were stumped at the eyelash curler, we continue to learn from each other!!

Good things come to those who wait

Sorry I've been a bad blog-updater, I'm working on it tonight, so long as the lights stay on. Check in later, I'll do my best! Sorry.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Youth group

Tonight our little dinner for a few turned into all the youth in the church! It was excellent in the end and fun to have everyone over. It's been amazing to be a part of this church and how they have welcomed me in and made me really feel like I am a part of them. The friendships I have made in these last few months are so great and I look forward to building on them in the time ahead. So it turns out I can still be a part of youth group...who would've guessed?!

Roof is on!

What a production! Saturday was the day to fill in the roof on the classrooms and bathrooms. What an incredible project. A whole team was brought in who has a lot of experience with this and it was interesting to watch...and a lot of work for them. So now the roof will "set" for about a month and we'll otherwise be moving forward with all the other projects that are to be done! We are still set for bringing in a new class of 4 year olds in November which is exciting and overwhleming. I took applications for 4 hours and had 167 kids that want we have to pick about 50. It is overwhelming, the need is huge, how do you pick one poor kid over the other poor kid? It's hard but I trust that we'll pick the ones that need it the most and pray for wisdom in doing so!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

All is well...I knew it would be! Candace is back and settling into the swing of things and it is perfect. Today is Canadian Thanksgiving so we had mashed potatoes yesterday and corn on the cob from the street man today. We started sponsorship work like crazy today since Candace will be taking over that job (!!!!!!!) as I am freed then to work more towards medical and being a nurse! So many ideas abound right now about the direction I could take and the needs that we have. So for Canadian Thanksgiving, I say that I am thankful today that life is back to normal, that Candace is home!

Thursday, October 04, 2007


Candace is back!!! I'm so is good!