Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Daddy Ariel

I love watching Ariel be a daddy. I love being a parent with Ariel. All the things I learned in 6 weeks, Ariel had a crash course in in just a few days. He's doing so well in his new role and it's fun to be parents together. Sometimes, well, everyday, we watch Josiah sleep together. Yesterday Ariel went to put the baby to sleep for the night and it had been quiet for awhile, so I went to check on them. I walked in to find Ariel asleep and Josiah sucking Ariel's finger with wide eyes!! That being said, he has such patience and stamina that is so necessary as this little one grows and changes. Oh, how nice it is to be together. May I never take it for granted.


I feel like I'm drowning in pictures and will never get them all posted. Because of that, I lack any post of actual significance. So here I am taking a break from the photos, which I love so much, but just breaking to actually write something more than a passing thought. So here are some insights into these last two months of motherhood...

-I love being a mom more than I thought
-I'm more tired than I thought
-I never knew how much I would need my mom
-I love this kid so much, it literally hurts my guts sometimes
-Sometimes I stay in my pajamas all day until just before Ariel gets home and I get cleaned up to pretend I've been like that all day
-There are days when nothing else gets done except napping, breastfeeding, and diaper changes
-Most of the time, I don't know what I'm doing
-I need more help than I thought I would
-It is the most overwhemling, amazing, incredible feeling in the world.

What I love about being Josiah's mom these days
-how he smiles when he looks at me
-when he touches my face while nursing
-that he knows me
-that I'm the go-to person when he's upset
-that he fusses when I come in the room after he's just woken up and sees me

-I have done all the things I said I wouldn't do:
+take the carseat into the store
+not go out because he is napping
+get home early cause he needs to nap
+let my life revolve around naps
+use a pacifier

-Sometimes I feel like a bad mom cause I don't follow what the books say, or even the law, like:
+I let Josiah sleep on my chest and sometimes I sleep too. I mean, really, sometimes we just need to do that
+I've taken him out of his carseat while the car is moving. On a freeway. And breastfed. But I wasn't driving.
+Sometimes I let him cry and walk away. Hey, after all our time together, I think we could both use a break.
+letting him nap his whole nap with the pacifier in because I know he'll stay asleep longer
+sometimes the only "tummy time" he gets in the day is when he is sleeping on it
+I left him with the sales clerk while I grabbed my purse from the car (he was in his carseat and that thing weighs too much and it was just right outside the door...always in sight)

I had to do lists because that's how my mind has become to function better. I am always checking the clock and trying to remember his last feeding/nap/diaper/burp/coo/etc. So I make lists a lot too, trying to remember things that my brain pushes out so it can instead remember these useless times, because in all reality, it doesn't matter if he ate an hour ago...I'm going to feed him again if I think that's what that cry means.

It's the best thing being a mom. I love the ups and downs and cries and smiles and coos and wiggles. There's just nothing else like it.


Josiah continues to be a champ as he meets the whole world! We take walks and stop at almost every house (or so it seems sometimes) and meet as we walk! He's gotten lots of cuddles from his great grandmas which is fantastic!


Ariel asked me if he could be in charge of washing the baby's clothes. Of course! He is such a good husband and always says how much he loves to wash such little clothes. I have to admit, I kind of like it too. There's just something fun about pulling mini socks out of the water...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Visiting work

Josiah got to visit his proud daddy at work too. Ariel was smiling from ear to ear as he got to show off his little boy to everyone. We went from office to office and Josiah went from hand to hand. He doesn't know what to make of all these changes yet but is doing amazingly well. His dad is so proud of him though and it's worth it all to see how he loves this little guy!

Family time

Josiah continues to spend time with family and friends and get to know them all. It has been nice to just have relaxed time with everyone, not needing to rush out to the next thing. Ariel has had a lot of days off as well with all the holidays, so it's been great to have him so near. I have been learning lots about breastfeeding in public and have become somewhat of a pro at it. Thankfully the DR isn't as sensitive as the US about things like that so I don't feel so nervous about covering up.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Back in Montellano

Josiah continued meeting family and friends once we got back to Montellano. It was funny because we had just come from cold Oregon and it seemed fairly warm to us in the DR. Well, for the Domincans, it was cold and so everyone thought I had to have a hat on Josiah's head. Not only did I not put a hat on him, I was actually taking clothes off the poor kid cause he was sweating! It's just a different climate and customs...we're all getting used to the differences!

Puerto Plata arrival

We got off the bus in Puerto Plata to what seemed like the entire city waiting for us! It was such an emotion for everyone to be there to meet this little man. Josiah was a little overwhelmed by it, but he's starting to get used to lots of new faces and getting passed around. I loved how proud Ariel was to show off his son, bringing people over to see him and making sure we had a picture of each step of the way.

At Last!

And then it actually happened, we got to finally be with Ariel. Words can't describe the joy and relief it was to be by his side again. How amazing and special it was to be able to hand him his baby after all these weeks. He just kept staring at him and watching him and smiling. I loved watching Ariel watch Josiah.
We stayed in Santo Domingo for the night, as it's about 4 hours away from where we live in Puerto Plata, but it worked out well because we were able to go to the U.S. Consulate for Ariel's visa. He had an open appointment from the last time he was there, so we went first thing the next morning. After waiting for 3 hours, we were both called into a little booth. I was so nervous at this point as this was going to decide so much for us. We lasted about 30 seconds in there, which included maybe 5 questions, and the visa was approved. Finally. We would be together in the States after all. I was beginning to doubt it! From there we jumped on the bus to Puerto Plata with so much to be thankful for.

Ft. Lauderdale

We got into Florida at 5am Florida time...that's just 2 for us Oregonians! We spent what seemed like an eternity there, walking, sitting, eating. Because of so many other cancelled flights, the airport was packed with often no place to sit, yet alone a good enough place to sit to nurse little Josiah. We did our best though and made it to the next flight. We had seats in the first row which was awesome for getting on and off and moving around with a baby. It was such a relief to step onto that last plane, knowing that Ariel would be on the other end finally! My mom was such a huge help during all the journey, walking Josiah and giving my arms a break. She was a great pack horse and got all the equipment around for us. I couldn't have done it without her, honestly.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

First stop: Long Beach

One of the great things about the re-routing was that we got to meet up with my brother Dennis and sister in law Abby in Long Beach. They drove the hour out to meet us at the airport and have dinner for a few hours. It was so nice to be with them again, I haven't seen them for 3 years! They got to have some cuddle time with Josiah as well which is always special! It's amazing how it worked out that way, I'm so glad it did! We then got on a stand by flight to Ft Lauderdale and literally ran to find our seats on the plane when they said we were on it! What a relief to know we were really and truly going to make it to Ariel!

To the Dominican Republic!!

We finally made it to the 27th of December...the day to go to Ariel!!! And wouldn't it just work out that a huge snow storm in NY cancelled our flight! My mom and I headed early to the airport and had some magic workers at Jet Blue work for nearly 2 hours to find us a way there! We got routed through Long Beach and then to Ft Lauderdale, then to Santo Domingo...but it meant we would get there. Josiah did so well on the flights, just sleeping and eating and smiling. He got his first flight wings which he is excited about too!

Christmas Day

Christmas Day we started with oatmeal pancakes and bacon..the best way! Josiah then got to read his books, which he pays attention to so much. headed over to the McCool grandparents house. The boys started early with their bows and arrows and loved running through the fields shooting everything! It is way more fun having Christmas with a kid...even if he is a baby. Josiah loved Christmas this year and can't wait until the next one!

Christmas Eve

We celebrated Christmas with the Dixon family on Christmas Eve. John and Rachel and the kids came over along with my Dixon granparents. We had a great dinner that my mom made and then to the presents! Josiah was showered with all sorts of gifts that he was, of course, thrilled about! I'm excited about his Johnny Jump Up! It says he can't be in it until 4 months, but at the rate this kid is going, I feel like I could nearly put him in it already! Ariel sent him an amazingly soft blanket that he cuddles up in, it makes him even more snuggly, if that is possible!


Josiah got his 2 month shots a bit early (at 6 weeks) because we'll be heading to the DR. He didn't get any extras, just the regular baby shots, but it was still a lot! He got some oral drops and then 3 injections! Poor little guy. I held my breath and was brave...and Josiah was too. He did really well and just got a bit crabby in the nighttime. He was all smiles to the pediatrician though and had a great check-up. He's now a whopping 10 lbs of a baby and going strong!

Two hands

Hey, sometimes you just need your hands free, you know?!

Growing up

This baby is growing so fast! It is so hard because I love each new thing he is learning and doing but then realize he's leaving behind his newborn days. He is so strong and holding his head up like a much so that he hates laying down or being cradled like a baby! If he's being held, it has to be upright only! He's smiling more and so attentive and interactive, following with his eyes and starting to recognize me. Hey, that only took 6 weeks!

Ready for Christmas

Josiah got some great Christmas outfits this year and looked so sweet in them! He wore them a lot as the days got closer, full of Christmas cheer! Someday I may get in trouble for putting him in these outfits, but as he's just a baby, I took advantage of it!

Salem visit

We got to visit the Dixon family in Salem and see their Christmas tree. Josiah did so well on the car ride and is starting to put up with his car seat a lot better! He has the best big cousins that love him so much and take care of him. It's fun to see them with him and how they are ready for anything!