Thursday, June 28, 2012

Grow, baby, grow

This little one is growing and growing.  I can't believe there are still 2 months left...because it seems there is no room left in my belly!  It has been such an amazingly smooth and easy pregnancy.  The only scares come from working and terrify myself with all the "what ifs" and unknowns that happen with pregnancy.  Working in high-risk labor and delivery which takes on lots of babies with problems, I have to remind myself to separate my pregnancy from theirs.  The things I see are neither common nor the norm, but it sure seems like it when I'm surrounded by it all 3 times a week.  But therein lies the point where I grow in faith that my God will give me all that I need, whatever the situation.  I have seen and overcome great things in life, seen miracles worked, watched amazing things happen.  I know my God is going to lead me and provide all that I need, forever. So I try to just enjoy the ease of this pregnancy and keep dreaming about my little baby girl. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012


The zoo is yet another place that has come more alive now that Josiah is older!  He had so much fun visiting all the animals and just watched them so intently.  He has now perfected his monkey sound as those were by far his favorite!  He laughed so much as they swung around and said "uh oh" as they dropped to the ground.  This kid is amazing, and more than watching all the zoo animals, I found myself just watching him..waiting to see his reaction!

Future Pilot

My aunt and uncle have a plane and so we went and visited them at the hanger after a trip with my parents.  Josiah was so impressed and gave a big "ooooh!" as soon as he saw the plane up close!  He loved getting inside and being a pilot...I think he might have a big career ahead of him!

Newport Marathon

My brother ran the Newport Marathon again this year so we all headed to the beach for the weekend!  We stayed in a house right on the ocean and it was so fun to all be together!
 Josiah LOVED the beach and sand and scooping and everything about the beach!  Hard to get him to leave it behind!
 One of my favorite things is to visit the tidepools!  We've done it since we were kids and I still love it just as much.  Although they seemed a little sparse (or I'm just getting older) it was fun to walk around the rocks and see the starfish and urchins and anemones.
 And of course what is a beach trip without ice cream!  We walked to the ice cream parlor and Josiah thought that was a really good idea too!
Amazing job on the marathon, John...a personal record for a marathon!  And what a good reason to get away for a weekend and spend awesome time together!


Summer is so great on so many levels...and Josiah would fully agree!

Mother's Day

Mother's Day found us over at my grandparent's house (where else) for a potluck of sorts and strawberry shortcake.  I always love it when we are all together and it was such a nice, sunny day to be outside.  Josiah loved his freedom to run all over my grandparent's place!  It's so fun being a mother and to have the joy of watching my son grow up and dream about what my baby girl will be like!  I never knew being a mom would be THIS great!


We are slowly but surely getting ready for our baby girl.  Ariel, along with a little help from Josiah, painted the room light pink.  I wasn't going to do pink, kind of felt against the whole color coding our kids idea, but whatever, we have a light pink room and I love it!  Her closet is starting to fill up too as I can't help but looking at all the amazing girl clothes around!  I fear this is just the beginning of that as it'll probably only get worse as she is born and grows!


Summer is such a fun time to be outside and Josiah wants nothing else.  He LOVES being outside, to say the least, and always hates it when it's time to come in.  He has found a new love these days...the hose!  So why not teach him he can drink from it, not only throw water on things!  He thinks that is the coolest thing ever!  He also learned that he can spit it out afterwards for additional fun!  It certainly means a clothes change afterwards, but we can handle that!

Sesame Street

We got to take Josiah to see Sesame Street Live in Portland and were so surprised that he actually loved it.  If there is anything that can keep this boy's attention for more than 10 minutes, it has to be good!  He loved all the singing and dancing and the animals (or whatever they are) would come out to the audienc...definitely his kind of thing.  It's so great to do things like this as he gets older and is more interested and able to pay attention to them.  He tried cotton candy for the first time and we got a big "mmm, mmmm, mmm!" 


This is my view from the kitchen window...and I love it.  I am so blessed to have a husband that is so involved and dedicated to the life of Josiah.  They play endlessly together and Josiah knows he is the one to go to for the really good kind of playing!  So this is what I watched the other night as I made two boys swinging.