Saturday, February 28, 2009

A very happy day!

Ariel is amazing! I have to back up a little bit and explain. You see, we don't have hot water. That's okay though, I've been fine mostly, it's just the way it is. So when it gets colder outside and the water is cold because it sits in a tank on the roof, I just heat some water on the stove and put it in a bucket in the tub to bathe with from a cup. That's worked for 2.5 years and somehow, you get used to it. Ariel loves the cold water, even when he has the option for warm he chooses cold, I dunno, he likes that sort of thing. That being said, I LOVE hot water. One of my favorite things to do when I go back to Oregon is sit in the tub and take long showers. Well, Ariel knows that and so for my Bday today...he got me a hot water heater!!!!! They should install in this afternoon and I am so excited. I will now have 8 lovely gallons of hot water to be the cleanest girl on the island. This is a very good day.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Julie got us a Flip video camera for the wedding and it's been so fun using it. Ariel is absolutely crazy for it and has been taking videos all over the place. Although this one's a little cheesy, I'm trying to test out posting them and this was one of the shorter ones. Oh, and it's in Spanish as well, so, good luck with that. :)


Jarabacoa was amazing as well. It was cold in comparison with the hot north coast, so we went hiking to the waterfalls and hanging out by the river. The hotel we stayed in is right next to the main river up there so we had our dinners on the balcony overlooking it!

To Jarabacoa

So we got changed into "leaving clothes" and headed off to Jarabacoa. It's about 2.5 hours away, so we, of course, had to stop at Taco Bell (always a treat as it's one of the few ones on the island!!) on the way up. We got an amazing sunset driving through the mountains as well!

And the wedding

We couldn't have asked for better wedding weather! It was such a perfect day, even with starting with a little sprinkle. It cleared off amazingly though and we had a bright blue sky and nice breezes. The ceremony went well...even if it did start super late because the sound equipment didn't arrive! Again, things I have to remember and get used to as I live in the Dominican Republic!
The setting was amazing, overlooking the ocean but up on a cliff a bit in a little foresty area. We didn't have to add too many decorations as it would have taken away from how naturally pretty it was. My grandma did an awesome job with the flowers and they were just the right touch to the area.
The reception went by fast but it was nice to be with everyone. Ariel was in charge of organizing all the food and it paid off as everyone ate to their heart's content. And yes, the two little pigs were with us as well, and no, I did not partake! We had time to wander around greeting the guests from table to table and it was nice to see so many family and friends there supporting us. We did the cake cutting and boquet toss, and then somehow it was already time to go!
We had such an indescribly fun day, I wish I could put words to it!

Wedding week

The week of the wedding we did some organizing and planning and lots of prep. Making bows for the flowers, which my grandma arranged, putting together candy gifts, ribbons on lots of things, etc.
We made a trip to Santiago on Thursday where we met up with Ariel's aunt to pick up the wedding flowers. We traded some that weren't the right color and got was fun!
We also got to do some special things like going to the spa for massages and pedicures. Of course, it's always a little different with the Dominican twist to it, but it was fun. I got highlights put in my hair, thanks to the help of everyone too!


The weeks brought in my parents, then Eileen and Julie, followed by my grandparents. My parents went with me a few days to school where we had a dental team in. We gave the kids Hep B vaccines and checked their teeth, then the next day had the ones come back who needed some rotten teeth pulled. Those pictures are amazing, but are still on their way, so hang on!
It was so special having everyone here...I've dreamed about this! We didn't do too many touristy things as there was so much wedding stuff to do...and it was raining! It rained steadily until Thursday, so we were making back-up plans for the wedding. Thankfully it cleared off for an amazing wedding day, and everyone else got to see what "cold" days are like here for us!

Catching up

So after getting back from the honeymoon, I turned my computer on to realize the keyboard had finally died. It was a slow death, starting about a year ago with a virus and then slowly losing key function. I was getting good at copying and pasting letters, but it is finally time to retire it. We've manged to now hook up Ariel's desktop computer keyboard to the laptop so I'm able to type again, hooray!!!

So I thought I would go back a little bit and update on the last few weeks.

This was a surpise shower the gringa girls threw me in Montellano. It was so fun and there was lots of food and great gifts. It was nice to see everyone, we always find ourselves asking why we don't get together more often!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Some Photos!!!!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Almost married!

Things are busy now as the wedding approaches, hence the lack of posting. We had a great team through the school on Thurs/Friday and we gave Hep B shots and pulled lots of rotten teeth! So grateful for them and the work and connection they have with our kids!!

My parents are here and Julie and Eileen are here and my grandparents will be in this afternoon. We are all staying together in a house in Cabarete which is fun! I love wedding week!!! Just a few more days now till the wedding and all is going well. Plans are being carried out and we've just been checking and re-confirming all our details! Now we're just praying for a sunny day, but know that either way we'll be just as married!

Monday, February 02, 2009

This little piggy went to the market...

Yah. So we're having 2 roasted pigs at the wedding.

Ariel went to the farm to pick them out.

I'll be having rice for lunch!!!

Happy kids

Every day we continue to see more of our kids back. The count is still a bit unsure of kids are gone as they filter in slowly as the problems remain at a distance. Families that once said they were never going back are in fact heading in after all, mostly because they are out of options for places to live. It is hard because it is their only choice and so they do what they can. It is a problem that will continue so long as the racial tensions are what they are. And so we will just do our best to continue working with the kids we are blessed with, hoping to give them a way forward and maybe even out of the village someday.