Monday, May 17, 2010

Mother's Day party, last day too.

On Thursday we celebrated Mother's Day and the last day of school at the Care Center. It was a fun day to be together and watch the kids at their finest...they LOVE these days! They started, as usual, with a special lunch at noon. We've started giving them their lunch in a take-away box because they always take a little home for their families, which I think is so special.

At 2:00, the kids came back dressed in their best dresses and shirts for the start of the Mother's Day program. Each child is allowed to invite someone, hopefully their mom, so they can share the day with them. There are songs and skits and plays, a few poems and acrostics, and the kids go crazy for it. There were probably 50 kids that received special prizes this year for perfect attendence, best in the classroom, kitchen helpers, etc. It was nice to recognize them in front of the school and the families for their extra work, good attendance, and great behavior.

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