Sunday, July 28, 2013

March 2013

We took our first mini trip to the mountain as a family of four.  It was our first adventure trying to sleep both kiddos in the same room.  Halfway through the first night I reminded Ariel that we were only about 20 mins from home...but we made it!  We had a fun weekend playing in the snow and even managed to snowshoe a bit.  We got sleds to pull the kids behind us and were then able to stop and play for a bit along the way! 

Josiah is such a helper and doer.  He loves following Ariel around outside doing all sorts of jobs.  Whether it's mowing or watering or any odd job, Josiah is close behind with his own set of tools to get the job done.

That sweet smile of Arianna.  She is such a joy, every single day!  I have never seen a happier, easier baby!  She wakes up laughing, goes to sleep cooing and playing, and parties while she's awake.  It is so amazing watching her development and all that she is learning.

We finally managed to dye Easter Eggs...almost missed Easter.  I never know what do to with 2 dozen hard boiled eggs, so we dye regular uncooked eggs around this house!  That means Josiah is extra careful in dropping the eggs into the cups.  He loved fishing them out and picking the colors. 

Easter morning we went to church as a family, with the kids all dressed up in sweet little outfits.  They had their Easter baskets in the morning and Josiah loved pulling everything out to see what was inside.  He loved the kids singing at church...but still couldn't be convince that Sunday School was for him yet!

After church and naps, we headed to my grandparents house.  The kids did an Easter egg hunt and we had a dinner together.  Then Josiah convinced great grandpa to get his tractors and mowers out.  Josiah was in 2 year old heaven.  He loved riding the real thing and moving the scooper up and down.  I'm so thankful my children know their great grandparents. what a blessing!

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