Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sharing. Learned.

We have been working with Josiah on what sharing means.  He's always been pretty good about it, just sometimes needs reminded what it means. 

Today he had two quarters in his pocket to go out with Ariel.  They went to Old Navy specifically to buy bouncy balls from the machine at the store.  We already have a ga-jillion of them, but he loves them and they're a quarter, so why not?  He put his quarters in, twice, and got two bouncy balls.

A little girl in a stroller nearby was watching him and crying that she, too, wanted a bouncy ball.  Josiah looked to Ariel and said, "Give her one?"  Yes, sweet boy, you can give her one.  He didn't know if she would want the red one or orange one, and finally settled on giving her the red one.  She stopped crying.  Her mom hugged Josiah.  I wiped a tear as Ariel told me about it.  He needed no prompting, no suggesting, he just saw the need and took care of it. 

Please remember these things forever, Josiah.  Please don't forget the sweet childhood state of selflessness.  Someday it will get all blurry and you will want to keep everything for yourself.  But yes, may the answer always be YES to the question of GIVE.  Give all you have, share what is truthfully not even yours. 

Lesson learned.  He knows what it means to share. 

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Eileen said...

What a sweet boy! Love him!