Sunday, July 28, 2013

April 2013

There is nothing like having an older brother, I know from experience.  I pray that Arianna will feel the blessing and joys of having an older brother and that Josiah will love and protect her.  I pray they will always be one of each other's closest friends, that they will grow together through the years.  I don't expect perfection, I know we will pass times of fighting and arguing...but through it all, may they know a deep love and friendship that can only be found in a sibling.

I was so grateful to see my best friend Julie come for a visit.  We had a long weekend together of shopping and eating and Ariel watched the kids for us to have a girls night to Portland City Grill.  It was such a nice time of endless talking and laughing and wishing we were neighbors and able to do this all the time!

First pedicure for Arianna.  Of course, mommy had to paint her toes too while we were at it!

How great those hot, sunny days are.  Josiah cannot be happier than when he is outside playing.  He loves running around and "working" and playing all day long!

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