Friday, November 26, 2010

Going to see Papi!

We are going to be heading to the DR again in a few short (please, be short!!) weeks. On December 27th, we'll head back for the first trip for Josiah and the first time for he and his daddy to cuddle and love on each other. I wait and pray for that day with so much anticipation and excitement. I get watery eyes and cry (okay, a little postpartum hormones going on here!) just thinking about how sweet and special those first moments and days will be.
We have been making the most of these days apart by sending photos and videos like crazy. Ariel has always been the most positive and uplifting person that ever existed, so he constantly reminds me this is best for Josiah and we have made the right decisions. Although the time has been long, we are thankful it has been filled with lots of blessings and great days. We will cherish even more deeply now the time we are together and know how special it is.
We decided to wait until after Josiah completed his 6th week of life and we can get him his first round of vaccines and he has a little more time drinking ultra-defense building breastmilk! We will, of course, take all the extra precautions with him, but the main sources of illness (food/water) won't be an issue for Josiah as he is on a strict mama milk diet! We also just have to let go of our fears of illness and trust that God has done great things in Josiah's life and will always care for him just the same. We can't live in fear of the little things when the great big things have already been taken care of.

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