Thursday, November 04, 2010

Family time

We continue to pass the days keeping busy as we wait for the arrival of little Mr Veras. I got to see my neice Emily run in her last cross country race of the season, which was fun to be a part of. It's so nice to be around for the "little" events. It's expected to be homesick on Christmas and Thanksgiving, but I almost always got more homesick on the small things. Hearing that the family was getting together for small gatherings was harder to be away from than the big things...I was prepared for the big ones! So it's nice to be near enough to be a part of my neice and nephew's lives. They are so special to me and it's always so fun to be with them.
We also had a lunch with both of my grandparents (Dixons and McCools). I honestly can't remember a time when we did this and it was nice to see us together. Not many get to have both sets of granparents around the table with them, so I'm grateful we were able to do that little lunch!

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