Friday, January 15, 2010


Once things start moving, they move quickly! It has been a busy day.

I want to first update about donations that people are wanting to make to buy supplies that are going over immediately to Haiti. We are still working with the bank, but I have now recieved and EIN number which allows this to be more like a non-profit so I don't get in a mess with financial records...important! We are waiting for confirmation from the bank about opening an account and then I will have all the details. This should be done today as we want to provide water and food and supplies right now. As soon as I know, you will know. Thank you. Thank you for your overwhelming support of the Haitian community and for speaking so quickly.

I was so nearly ready to head out with a group to the Haitian border where there is a small hospital receiving Haitian victims. Something in my gut told me to wait a minute, so I turned down the trip. Within minutes, I found out that Kids Alive just got approved by the government to bring in 50 Haitian kids to the DR!! Again, it is moving fast, but plans are coming together to divide the kids between a few of the DR sites, so we will take in about 15 kids. We will have them for approx 180 days (the length of their visa) and will provide total care for them. At the moment, it is still coming together about where they will stay and who will take care of them, but we are close to having a plan. These kids will be from 3-8 years old, some may have parents, some will be total orphans, speaking probably only Creole...and need lots of love. I can only imagine what they have lived through and seen in these days. I am struck by the photos, they have seen it with their own little eyes. So my gut (i.e. God) was right in me staying behind and helping work out the logistics of bringing in these little guys. I'll update as often as I can, with as much info as I get!

Keep praying, our God is moving greatly and to Him be the glory for it all.

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