Friday, January 15, 2010

Supplies to Haiti

We got it figured out! So here's what to do if you would like to donate to supplies that we'll buy here in the DR and that will go out at various times over the coming days. The next planned trip is leaving on Thursday from our church heading into Port-au-Prince. There will be other local groups leaving consistantly, but that is the first reliable group planned at the moment.

-You can easily donate through Paypal on the right

-Send a check written to Jessi Dixon Veras to:

25142 SE Rugg Rd

Damascus OR 97089

-Take money directly to my parents' house at the address listed above.

However the money arrives, I will let you know that I have received it (please leave an email address). Again, this is not through Kids Alive, this is solely for the purpose of putting goods quickly into the hands of the Haitians via local Haitian/Dominican groups that are headed to Haiti.

We'll be buying supplies that have been requested like: water, canned food (beans, corn, etc.), rice, hygiene supplies (soap, pads, toothpaste, toothbrushes), medical supplies (antibiotics, gauze, pain reliever, etc).

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