Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Earthquake update

What a night. As you all know, the island was rocked by an earthquake yesterday afternoon. I was waiting for Ariel in the car when it hit and was so unsure of what was really happening. I thought it was strong wind or someone making the car move...but then I saw Ariel run out to signal me to stay put. So I did. We drove home directly and began searching the internet (don't have TV or radio unfortunately). At that point all the tsunami warnings were rushing in, including specific times the waves would hit for each area, Puerto Plata included. We live about 1/2 mile from the ocean so it was a real concern to us. We thought about heading to the mountains if it was necessary, but thanks to lots of people Stateside who we were talking with, and just waiting it out, we eventually found that the warning had been lifted. Scary stuff. I just kept imagining Indonesia and the tsunami that hit there.

We thank God for the safety of those here in the DR, but are struck deeply by the devastation in Haiti. School was cancelled for the country today, so we are unable to get a better idea of what is happening for families of our Haitian kids. Many of the kids went to Haiti to be with family over the Christmas break, and I am left with nothing more than my ablities to pray and trust in our God. He is sovereign. He sits enthroned as King and has a purpose in all things. Even when I don't understand. No, ESPECIALLY when I don't understand.

My immediate reaction is that I want to do something. I'm so close to the border to be able to help, but I will wait until I hear more about any groups or organizations I might be able to go with. It is hard to be so close and do nothing. I want to go find our kids, as impossible as that is. I want to be back in school to take attendance and see exactly how many are gone.

So there are no solid answers yet. We must wait. We must pray. We must see the glory of our Lord even when it seems He has turned His back. He is here, He is in Haiti, He loves each one of those people. Praise Him, for He knows what is happening.

I will keep you posted of new developments that aren't general news knowledge. Thank you for your emails and concerns and prayers.

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