Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thumbs up for Naturopathy

So I went to the Naturopathic doctor and didn't find one burning candle, incense stick, and no humming or meditation was required. It was surprisingly FANTASTIC and I am hooked to the end. The doctor was able to explain all the diagnoses that the other doctors gave me and did it in a way that just made sense. He took so much time to understand what I have gone through and to talk about what is still happening.

The exam was fascinating to say the least. As he examined me he kept explaining why things are happening in my body like:

Weird arms: I wake up in the night with what I've called "restless arm syndrome". I feel like they are electric on the inside and if I don't move them they'll explode, so I hug my pillow or stand up and walk around and shake them, etc. He said it is most likely due to a lack of calcium because my body doesn't have the fatty acids to help in that.

Lack of weight gain: Normally I wouldn't complain about this except that it is virtually impossible for me to put on weight. I eat all day and still have issues. Anyhow, he explained that due to the antacids I've been taking, I have decreased digestive enzymes, amongst other things, and so therefore cannot properly break down and digest my food, therefore lack of weight gain.

Pain: Due to all the inflammation in my stomach

He went on to say that my digestive system is obviously my weakest and we are going to work to strengthen it. He wasn't anti-medical anything, in fact, along with giving me a tincture of stuff for pain, he said that if it wasn't working after a certain number of doses, to take the Vicodin I had been prescribed.

Tomorrow I'm off again for the next appointment where we'll talk about more in-depth things I need to do and the treatment plan. I am expecting to be going to the office 2-3 times a week for continued treatments with physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, etc. If you're interested you can check out their website...I'd recommend it.

The hardest part of this whole process is that my ticket says I'm meant to be on the plane back to the DR next Wednesday. That obviously isn't going to be possible with starting new treatments here, so we started thinking of alternate plans so as not to have to be apart from Ariel for 2.5 months. Whether it was to head back to the DR for a week or leaving early, we tried to think through all the options. In the end though, after lots of praying and talking and thinking through it all, we have decided that I'll go ahead and stay here to start treatment immediately so I can hopefully heal faster and more completely, thereby returning healthy and sound, ready to move forward with all that is ahead.

I am a big believer that for everything that happens there is a God-driven purpose, whether we get to find out what the purpose is or not. So I am confident that as Ariel and I continue our days in opposite countries, we will continue stronger because of this, that we will be better and know each other we have already seen happen. I wish I could tell you how truly good to the core Ariel is, how supportive and encouraging he has been, and how grateful I am that he is my husband.

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