Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Steps to being better

Well, second biopsy report came back as such: eosinophilic gastritis, CMV in stomach (from previous infection, I guess), and no parasites. The doctor said if the pain is worse, we can do antibiotics for the gastritis (which I've already done once) and steroids (which I don't want!). The biopsy is now off for a 3rd opinion, where they will do further testing to see if there is anything else in there! They also will be presenting my case at the next hospital round table discussions to see if anyone else has seen this or knows what it is.

In the meantime, I still have pain issues during the night. The days are great, I feel perfectly normal and go about my day mostly like anyone else...I just do a bit less and eat really frequently. But I wake up every night for about 2-3 hours with stomach pain, heartburn, spitty, weird stuff. Vicodin still seems to do the trick for it, but I'm anxious to get off the pain medicine.

Well, I'm off today to a highly recommended Naturopathic doctor. I had already researched online some alternatives to going on steroids (for inflammation of the stomach), and started an herb called licorice root, along with probiotics to sort out my guts. Then my dad brought in a reference from a friend at work for this naturopathic doctor, so I've decided to go. Hopefully he can tell me if the herbs I'm taking are right and what else I can be doing. He apparently works a lot with diet based upon your blood type, so I'm interested in what this will do. I go tonight for the first appt and a follow-up appt. on Thurs.

My ticket back to the DR says I should be leaving here on the 29th...next Wednesday. I am unsure at this point what I am supposed to do. I want so badly to be with Ariel, he is just so, so far away. But at the same time, I know I have made this trip to Oregon to get better, and so far, I'm not all the way better. I'm trying to figure out if I'm going to extend my ticket and be away from Ariel longer, or go back as scheduled and hope for the best with my stomach. I'm just a bit nervous to head back with a weak stomach to face more potential for getting something like a parasite which could do me in! Thank you for praying with me about this to make the best decision, for my body, for our marriage, for the long-term results. Ariel is telling me to stay in Oregon, that I need to get better and come back 100% healed...but that is the way he is, completely self-sacraficing and loving to the end. I want to love him too and care for him, but maybe that means healing in Oregon first so I can be the best wife I can be when I get back. These are hard choices I'm hoping the doctor today will help us figure out as he talks about treatments and options. I'll let you know!

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