Friday, July 03, 2009

Some healing photos!

Just a few photos my mom has been taking for Ariel to keep him updated on my progress! Here are a few from my hospital trip here. They taped my IV up like a little kid (I have problems with my veins and losing IV's!).

This was the worst and best medicine I have ever taken. It's called "Miracle Mouthwash" but rather than washing my mouth, I had to drink 30 cc's of it right down! It was the best though because it numbed up my stomach and I was able to rest the whole night through without pain, as well as keep my medicine in my stomach. Ew.So this is one of my healing grandparents' house! It's either lie in my bed at my parents house or lie on a chair next to the pool, so we head to their house! I do spend most of my day laying seems to be the best position to keep my stomach calm. Afternoons are my best time, and I've tried to take advantage of that and eat as much as possible in the "feel-good" time! I have yet to gain any weight back, but maybe this week I'll be able to do that with my new "diet".

It has been great being with family...and my cat. My mom was gardening yesterday afternoon so I threw down a blanket with pillows and my dad and Basil came to join me in watching! It's nice to be home.

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