Thursday, July 02, 2009

Another test

So it's been a week since leaving the hospital and although I have seen progress, I still hurt in the morning and late evenings. This morning was pretty rough so my mom called the doctor and we went in again. He said I should be feeling better at this point and would like to do the next test...and endoscopic ultrasound. This will allow them to look at the layers of my stomach and get a closer look at other organs like my gallbladder, liver, pancreas, etc. Maybe this will bring some more definitive answers as to what is happening in there.

The funny part is the diet that he has suggested. The amounts that I eat at the moment are still fairly small so I've tried to make them high-quality with fruits and vegetables and proteins. I asked about diet today and he's actually suggested a diet high in carbohydrates and lean meats, low in high fiber foods like leafy green vegetables, multi grain breads, fiber-y fruits, etc. First time I heard a doctor say that! Anyhow, he says that the high fiber foods stay in my stomach longer and are harder to digest, so may cause more irritation in my stomach. So I've started my strange diet as of this evening and hope it helps!

So next Friday, a week from now, will be the next exam but hopefully all will improve between now and then! In the meantime, I continue resting at home and beside my grandparents' pool, which are great places to be!

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Faith said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you have been sick. I really hope you get some clear answers soon and that you continue to heal. Sorry you have to be away from your new husband, but glad you are with your family...being "home" is such a good place to heal. I'll be praying for you Jessi.