Saturday, July 11, 2009

Testing, testing

So I went in for the endoscopic ultrasound yesterday change to my stomach. All my other organs are fine except my stomach, which continues to be very inflamed and unhappy. The doctors are stumped as to what is going on and so we are waiting for the biopsy results that he took from my stomach, which will be in on Tuesday hopefully. I still get pain off and on but I think that is getting to be less and less. Nausea comes and goes, along with feeling tired and like a slug. I'm getting the best mom-care ever, which I'm sure has lead to me getting better.

I miss Ariel like crazy and wish he could be here, it's hard to be away for so long...especially sick. He is a super laundry washer and informed me that he washed ALL the white clothes I have at home and they are now all yellow-armpit-stain free (I've got a problem with that, so??!) He is a good, good man. I want to share Oregon, the U.S., these things with him. But all in good time, all in good time.

So we continue to wait and hope and pray for good results...and answers to where this is all coming from!

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cjphoto2 said...

I spent a week away from Jeff when we were newly married... I haven't since! It's hard being away from your spouse that long... or longer!! Know that we are praying for your recovery. Let us know if there's ANYTHING you need... Dallas gives great kisses :)