Sunday, October 14, 2007

Roof is on!

What a production! Saturday was the day to fill in the roof on the classrooms and bathrooms. What an incredible project. A whole team was brought in who has a lot of experience with this and it was interesting to watch...and a lot of work for them. So now the roof will "set" for about a month and we'll otherwise be moving forward with all the other projects that are to be done! We are still set for bringing in a new class of 4 year olds in November which is exciting and overwhleming. I took applications for 4 hours and had 167 kids that want we have to pick about 50. It is overwhelming, the need is huge, how do you pick one poor kid over the other poor kid? It's hard but I trust that we'll pick the ones that need it the most and pray for wisdom in doing so!

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