Monday, October 29, 2007


So it's been raining. A lot. The other night the thunder was intense, I have never heard thunder like that before. It probably lasted for over 30 minutes and it shook the windows and the house the whole time. Candace came up to sleep with me...that's how intense it was!

The rain is a mixed blessing. Being from Oregon, I LOVE the rain. I like grabbing a blanket and sitting on the couch and watching it. I like hearing it on the tin roof. I like even getting wet when I go out sometimes. But rain also means flooding. Flooding of houses that were rough to start with. Leaking tin roofs that were already weak fall in, families get wet, dirt floors turn to mud. Rivers rise and it means no school...we can't get into the village if the river is too high; we can't expect the kids from the other side of the river to cross, it's too dangerous.

So today Candace and I sit on the couch, napping, drinking coffee, talking, reading. It's been raining for quite a few days now. I miss my kids at school. I hope they are dry, I hope they get to sit on the couch and drink hot chocolate while their mom reads them stories. And then I am reminded of the hard realities. I hope the rain stops.


abby said...

I just read the article in the LA Times about the rain. Glad to hear that you are alright.

pj&s said...

stay safe Jes... please don't float away! It sure looks awful on the news.