Saturday, October 27, 2007

In preparation

Dear family

In preparation for being in Oregon for Christmas (Dec 19th-Jan 4th) I'll need a few things to make the transition easier:

-Please place a bin always next to the toilet...that's where the t.p. goes, right?
-Turn off all lights nightly at 5pm and on again about 9pm. Feel free to change the schedule without telling and turn lights off and on at will.
-I will need a constant heater near me to maintain 80 degrees
-Please find all sweaters, long underwear and anything warm
-I will need to be awoken each morning by roosters and motorcycles
-Remove all seatbelts from the car
-Replace all carpet with tile
-Instead of an umbrella, I'll just be needing a showercap
-All coffee will need to come in a plastic cup. Oh yah, I drink coffe now.

Thanks for getting things ready. See you at Christmas!

Jes :)

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