Monday, December 17, 2012

September recap

The most impossible photo shoot is to get a 2 year old and 2 week old to cooperate at the same time!  We did the best we could and occasionally got one to work out!

Josiah continued to do well with Arianna.  We tried doing things that were special for him.  He had so much fun painting all over a paper left over from our photo shoot for Arianna's newborn pics.  He loved painting himself more than the paper, but it was a fun activity and he continued playing with it for the next few days!

Arianna continued being the dream baby.  Once the pain of breastfeeding subsided, we got into a great rhythm of sleeping/eating/playing.  Breastfeeding is again one of my favorite things times with Arianna.  It's something that only the two of us get to share and no matter who else has her, if she's hungry...she always gets to come to me!  It was super painful the first few weeks but thanks to some gel pads and biding my time, we got things all worked out. 

Much to my denial, my little man needed his first haircut.  His sweet curls had to go as it was getting a little out of control. Ariel tried with the clippers but his baby fine hair wouldn't cut well, so we moved onto the scissors.  He didn't even seem to notice we were cutting it!  He watched some Baby Einstein and ate cereal while we said goodbye to his baby locks.  Well, kind of goodbye because it might be in a ziplock in his baby book now!

Josiah started really getting into his little sister.  He loved helping her do things like bathe and diaper changes and important things like teaching her how to call grandma.

We continued to see Josiah fall in love with drums to a crazy extent.  He goes to a music class weekly where there are songs and dancing and an instrument time.  He has loved it and grown so much through it all.  It'll be interesting to see what his musical side turns into as he grows.

We took advantage of a nice afternoon to show Arianna Multnomah Falls for the first time.  She was truly thrilled.  She slept most of the time!  We enjoyed going out as a family of four and learning how it all works!

There is almost nothing sweeter than watching a sleeping baby.  They get such an amazing glow while they're sleeping that a camera just can't quite capture.  I could watch this little princess sleep anytime!!

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