Thursday, December 20, 2012

Little Helpers

We have our fair share of little helpers around the house!  Josiah LOVES tagging along to any activity, especially if it's outside or using grown up tools!  He really wanted to be outside with Ariel the other day, but Ariel had to get the lawn I tossed them the backpack!  Josiah thought it was the best thing ever and I'm afraid I may have started a new habit for the Springtime.

I love that Arianna can be in the Bumbo chair now.  I put her near me when I'm cooking (but not TOO near) and tell her all about what we're making.  I can't wait to continue watching her grow by my side, talking and cooking.  I might just be daydreaming about it, but I look forward to what a momma-daughter realtionship will be for us. 

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