Saturday, June 23, 2012

Newport Marathon

My brother ran the Newport Marathon again this year so we all headed to the beach for the weekend!  We stayed in a house right on the ocean and it was so fun to all be together!
 Josiah LOVED the beach and sand and scooping and everything about the beach!  Hard to get him to leave it behind!
 One of my favorite things is to visit the tidepools!  We've done it since we were kids and I still love it just as much.  Although they seemed a little sparse (or I'm just getting older) it was fun to walk around the rocks and see the starfish and urchins and anemones.
 And of course what is a beach trip without ice cream!  We walked to the ice cream parlor and Josiah thought that was a really good idea too!
Amazing job on the marathon, John...a personal record for a marathon!  And what a good reason to get away for a weekend and spend awesome time together!

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