Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Pintest.  It's kind of become an addiction. It's a silly website where you go and see everyone elses interests and get ideas for things.  Very helpful for first-time-mommy-Jessi who is always intersted in new activities for Josiah.  Also great for ideas for those of us who are house hunting and hoping to be able to decorate sometime soon.  So here are a few of my latest creations, thanks to those mamas on Pinterest who are creative. 

The first one is glo-sticks.  I mean, that should be obvious, who doesn't love a glo stick?  Josiah is LOCO for them.  I got a few and took him to the dark bedroom and he was laughing so hard.  His favorite was when I put it above my lip like a moustache...yay for mommy making being the superstar!!  So then (pinterst idea) I put them into balloons and blew them up and went back into the dark room. Balloons+glo stick+10 month old =endless fun!

So then, as you previously read about Josiah's awesome sleeping patterns, the middle creation fit perfectly for us.  I work night shift so have issues sleeping sometimes, but Josiah is truly my favorite reason for losing sleep.  He's also my favorite nap buddy which makes the lack of sleep better.

And the last is kind of like a spy bottle.  It's just an old spice bottle filled with jewels, fluffy stuff, and glitter, then water.  Easy-shmeezy and great for the car.  Also serves as a wonderful teether.  Not that Josiah has any teeth to think of!

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