Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Preparing for baby

Since getting in on Friday, it has been nonstop movement and preparation. In just a few short days we have gotten the paint for the baby's room, ordered his crib, registered, and gotten lots of things in order! It was hard to prepare from another country, so most everything we put off until I was able to be in Oregon again. It's been so fun though doing all these things and, as if the belly wasn't enough for me, it makes it feel more real that this little man is coming.
My body is doing well after being sick a week ago...I feel like it never even happened. I was back at the doctor's office yesterday and having more blood tests and other checks to make sure all is in order. They felt like everything looked good and so I was on my way. I have the "real" appointment next Monday with the sonogram and full doctor check-up, etc. We heard his heart thumping away and I always love that sound. This baby is active, to say the least, and moves around constantly. I love it. I cherish it. I enjoy all of it (minus foot in ribs).
Continue to pray for the weeks that remain, that his development will continue well, that Ariel's visa is approved in time for the delivery, and well...for the labor and delivery, and that becoming-parents thing!

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