Monday, August 30, 2010

Playing on the playground!

We were so blessed by a huge network of people that worked together to install a playground for us! Everything arrived on a packed-tight container a few weeks ago and was installed by another awesome group last week. It was fun to see the kids pass by the school as it was being set up, to see their excitement about something so cool. This was a very special project to me because it was purely for the kids to enjoy, nothing else! It wasn't something more "functional" like a classroom or cafeteria (which I'm so grateful for, don't get me wrong!) It was just awesome to see so many people pour themselves into work for the simple pleasure and joy of these children! And what joy it is!! They LOVED play day with the group and went crazy for all the new toys. Thank you again to all those that were a part of this project!!

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Matt Ebert said...

I haven't checked your blog lately Jes, these playground pics look awesome! When did this happen and what church came to build it?