Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Update to last post

Just to update some new information we got tonight. The group will be going through the South border and Ariel, thanks to working for the government, has set up to have 4 Dominican military guards will meet them at the border and ride with them (on the outside of the truck) into Port au Prince where the goods will be unloaded and then head back to the border. We are excited for this trip and thankful that we can help in whatever way we can. Thank you!!!

Also, from what I understand, Kids Alive says that the kids are being registered and photo'd at the border and will hopefully be to us in the next day or two. www.kidsalive.org/haiti-relief/ for more info or to donate to Kids Alive and the kids that are coming. In Haiti, Kids Alive is also housing 50 new kids on site and doing their best to meet the needs of these kids!

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