Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The magical word for these days is movement. We've been doing a lot of that! We went shopping again after work today and are excited about how much will be sent over to Haiti this week. Today we focused more on diapers, salami, and pasta, and tuna. Trying to look for more than just the rice, but putting protein items in like the meats and beans. We threw in some extras like cereal and dried milk along the way too! We did happen to get another 250 pounds of rice and 125 pounds of sugar!
Tomorrow (Thursday) is a holiday (AND Ariel's birthday!!!) and the church does an annual reunion to discuss the past year. So between meetings we'll head back to the city to fill up on water and juices.
On another note, we did feel the earthquake this morning, but just a little. They have said to expect many earthquakes more over the next month or two as the earth is moving a lot under us. It's kind of a helpless feeling, but life has to continue.
With Kids Alive, I got a great phone call this evening that the kids are now at the border, have been photo's and registered and are headed to Santo Domingo tomorrow to the hospital for an exam. If released, they could be with us as soon as tomorrow, otherwise Friday! It sounds like we will be slowly receiving sets of kids as they are processed and sent on to us. They will first head to the mountains in Jarabacoa and Constanza, then head to us as more come in. They are kids that officials have found wandering the streets with no adult attached to them or that they could find. The government will still try to find any living relatives, but it may be that we have a whole set of true orphans...and I'm afraid that we're seeing just a tip of the big iceburg of orphans that Haiti will now encounter. If you are interested in donating to Kids Alive, you can do so through


Mary Caporn said...

This is the most sad thing I have heard through out all of this devistation. I can't imaging little children with no one and how scared they must be. God bless you Jessi. God put you where you are most needed. You know not everyone could or would do what you are doing. I am so proud of you. God bless you and I pray for you and Ariel and Haiti and your orphanage every day. Aunt Mary

Lauren said...

Jess, will most of the orpans be up for adoption at some point? PS What does Ariel do for a living?
Bless you for all your hard work. I will continue to send prayers your way to help those kids and stay safe as aftershocks continue. xoxo.