Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kids Alive update

Yesterday I got up and headed to La Vega to meet with a group from Kids Alive that was headed to the capitol to pick up the Haitian kids from the hospital. Things didn't work out that way. Along the way, Vic, our director, learned that the hospital wasn't ready to release the 26 kids to Kids Alive. So we went to the office that manages child protection (kind of like CPS) to have a meeting. Our directors went into the meeting, along with the heads from World Vision and UNICEF...and the meeting lasted about 3 hours. In the meantime, we hung out on the bus and in the parking lot talking about the kids we'd be receiving. In the end, we had to leave with no kids and little hope of receiving kids in this way.
For whatever reason, it appears that the hospital has more control of who the kids go to, and they would like to give the kids to a group of nuns who are also helping out. The problem appears to now be that few refugee children have made it into the Dominican Republic, so there are few to take in. We know without a fact though, that there are many orhpaned children wandering the streets in Haiti. The problem lies in bringing the children into the country. Kids Alive's goal was to house the children temporarily while houses were built for them to return to, under Kids Alive care still, in Haiti.
Kids Alive is still willing and ready to receive 50-60 kids, and the contacts made during this meeting were very important. In the days ahead, conversations will continue as to the best way to move forward. Pray for wisdom and courage to handle these decisions correctly.

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