Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jarabacoa Getaway

Ariel and I are in Jarabacoa to take care of the Trautwein house while they're away for a few days. For those that haven't been here, Jarabacoa is up in the mountains and it is lovely and cold. Minutes after we pulled in it started raining to welcome us in. This morning it started raining again and we are now in sweaters and slippers and using full's like visiting winter for awhile.
We had the best dinner last night when we went to a restaurant we've never been to before called Aroma de la Montana. It is literally straight up the mountain and so worth the fear of falling off the side! The view was incredible and we got there just for sunset (although it was behind clouds) and then watched the city sparkle. The chef is American and had those portable heaters and we actually used it! It was so beautiful and we talked so much about having our families there and how much everyone would love it...cause we sure did!!

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