Saturday, November 07, 2009

Some tailoring

So I have some clothes that don't fit so well but haven't ever been able to get rid of them. Ariel said we'd just take them to the tailor and have them fixed. I first pulled out a few skirts and then he suggested I take some dresses that aren't too fitted either. I was hesitant because it's never a priority when money isn't abounding and I'm okay to wear something else. I share this because in the end, this is what we're fixing:

2 skirts
3 dresses
1 polo shirt
1 men's shirt
2 men's dress pants.

All for the low price of 370 pesos...10 little dollars! Can you believe it??!! Why didn't I do this before. And it's not just a little seam, we're talking tapering skirts and removing zippers to do some tucks, etc. Amazing. This country is amazing.

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