Wednesday, October 14, 2009

At last!!

We are actually, really, truly doing dental care at the Park Care Center, folks! It's so exciting and a much waited and hugely needed blessing. We saw about 6 kids yesterday afternoon and did just basic care...we're waiting for the dental materials to arrive. The dentist will continue coming once a week and I'm going to do cleanings during the week to check mouths and have the worst ones ready for the dentist. The idea is to get to a point of prevention...which seems like a far dream at the moment. To start by going through each student, give them a cleaning every 6 months and fill cavities and pull rotten teeth. Then we'll be at a point of maintenence where we only have to hopefully do the occasional filling. It's so great to take big steps forward sometimes!

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Rob, Jen and Robby said...

So exciting!!! If you have any questions or need any pointers just ask!