Monday, September 07, 2009

Back to school

We started back to school last week and I spent the whole day smiling. The kids are amazing to put it simply. I wish I could do justice to what it means to have constant hugs from sweaty little faces, to meet 30 new preschoolers, to see each little face so happy to be back at school.

As I said, we welcomed in a new class of preschoolers and they are...precious. They're so tiny compared to the "big kids" who just yesterday were these little guys. It's fun seeing the older kids show the new ones the ropes. Sometimes it's easy to feel like we haven't really changed much in their lives, but when we bring in new kids, it's clear to see the huge differences. The "old" kids come in so orderly and wait to eat until we have prayed. The new kids come in and talk and start eating immediately. I love to see the faces and reactions of the older kids when they see the new ones do these things. It makes me proud like a mother to watch these guys.

On my end of things, I've been back for 2.5 weeks and seem to be doing mostly well. There are a lot of adjustments with food and temperature (it is HOT!), but so far it's going smoothly. I've had a few bouts of hurty stuff, but at least now I know better how to manage it and can usually pinpoint what it was that caused it. I'm trying to stick to foods I've already tried and tested and that seems to work well. I'm easing slowly back into work and will be going on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as to make sure I can smoothly handle this transition.

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