Thursday, August 27, 2009


I woke up to the sounds of motorcycles going by. The lady outside is selling avocado and bananas. I sweat while sitting still. The electricity is out. There isn't water in the kitchen tap. The tile floor seems to be the only respite from the heat. A truck just drove by wanting to buy scrap metal. The horns honking on the road in front of our apt. are endless.
I am back.
Once again, in a matter of hours, I feel like I was beamed from one world to the next! It is still a strange thing travelling between the States and the DR. I get so used to life in each country that being in the other one still comes as a shock at first. Despite all the "quirks" of this country, it is nice to be here again. Nice for everyone to see that I am truly alive, that Ariel does indeed have a wife, and so nice to be back to whatever the "normal" of my life is!
School is set to start on Monday (I think) and I still am trying to figure out what that means for me. I want to be careful in how I adjust back to work and daily routines. I want to go slowly after 3 months of illness and make sure that I take care of myself...after all, I want to be able to take care of others and can't do that well if this happens again! I am looking forward to seeing all the kids bright, shiny eyes and new hair braids and catching up with the staff again.
I ask for your continued prayers in the transitions that I'm going through , in the adjustments and plans that are taking place, in the homesickness that will surely hit soon! I want to live in this time and place for now and not look too far ahead, for this is where I am today...and it is good. Thanks!

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