Thursday, February 26, 2009

And the wedding

We couldn't have asked for better wedding weather! It was such a perfect day, even with starting with a little sprinkle. It cleared off amazingly though and we had a bright blue sky and nice breezes. The ceremony went well...even if it did start super late because the sound equipment didn't arrive! Again, things I have to remember and get used to as I live in the Dominican Republic!
The setting was amazing, overlooking the ocean but up on a cliff a bit in a little foresty area. We didn't have to add too many decorations as it would have taken away from how naturally pretty it was. My grandma did an awesome job with the flowers and they were just the right touch to the area.
The reception went by fast but it was nice to be with everyone. Ariel was in charge of organizing all the food and it paid off as everyone ate to their heart's content. And yes, the two little pigs were with us as well, and no, I did not partake! We had time to wander around greeting the guests from table to table and it was nice to see so many family and friends there supporting us. We did the cake cutting and boquet toss, and then somehow it was already time to go!
We had such an indescribly fun day, I wish I could put words to it!

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